About Chart

Pairwise distribution of variables, displayed as histograms plotted vertically.

Tags: Vega

Populationpyramid supports these features
  1. Code export - Developers can export chart configuration as code
  2. Color controls - Change color of chart element (ex: bar/line)
  3. Data Reactiveness - Change data in data table updates the chart
  4. Font family for all texts - Control font family for labels, ticks, title
  5. Help attribute - Description on how to use specific options
  6. PNG export - Export chart as a PNG
  7. SVG export - Export chart as a SVG
  8. Title options - Control font size, font family, font color and text
  9. Tooltip - Visible tooltip on chart
and does not support
  1. Axis label - padding - Control padding for axes labels
  2. Axis label, title - colors - Control colors for axes labels
  3. Import URL - Import data using spreadsheet
  4. Toggle text labels - Enable or disable all text labels
Options Help
Data input

Data import isn't supported for this chart. Sample.

Data is editable except for date/time columns.