The RRA Network

The Revitalising Rainfed Agriculture network believes that prosperous, productive and secure rainfed agriculture is critical for inclusive, climate resilient growth. The Revitalising Rainfed Agriculture Network (RRAN) is a pan-Indian network of academics, civil society organizations, development bankers, and others, working to enhance public investments in support of rainfed agriculture. It works towards prosperous, productive and secure rainfed agriculture.

At its core, the RRAN believes that existing public investments in Indian agriculture work in the specific context of assured availability of water, a condition that does not exist for more than half of Indian agriculture. As a result, rainfed agriculture has remained less-viable, and rainfed areas continue to house the core of India's rural poor. The RRA network articulates for a differentiated and decentralised public investment regime that is necessary to make rainfed agriculture more productive and more secure, considering critical elements of more inclusive, climate-resilient growth.

Visualizing Trends

To better understand the characterization and patterns of rainfed-ness in India, the RRA Network is collaborating with Gramener by leveraging the Gramener Visualization Product Suite. The aim of this collaboration is to uncover deeper insights through smart analytics and present better to all stakeholders through unconventional, intuitive visualizations.


A set of exploratory data visualization tools has been created with a preset list of metrics covering Land Use & Irrigation, Livestock, Crops & Population to enable users to interactively explore and identify patterns.


These analyses - as stories accompanied by visualizations are being evolved jointly with the RRA Network as part of the creation of a Rainfed Atlas.

Land Use & Irrigation