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Country Person Sector Funds Disbursed No. of Investments
USA Amazon Connectivity/Social 177.39 9.0
USA Amazon E-Commerce 56.0 5.0
USA Amazon Other Internet Businesses 34.6 4.0
USA Amazon Others Tech 34.16 10.0
USA Amazon Unclassified 4.6 1.0
USA Amazon Lifestyle 2.54 2.0
USA Amazon Financial Services 2.0 1.0
USA Amazon Others Non-Tech nan nan
USA Bill Gates Others Non-Tech 81.6364 20.0
USA Bill Gates Healthcare 38.4 8.0
USA Bill Gates Unclassified 26.566 17.0
USA Bill Gates Financial Services 21.6 1.0
USA Bill Gates Other Internet Businesses 12.034 8.0
USA Elon Musk Others Non-Tech 54.1 8.0
USA Elon Musk Others Tech 20.0 1.0
USA Elon Musk Application Software 10.8 3.0
USA Elon Musk Enablers/Platforms 3.2 1.0
USA Elon Musk Healthcare nan 1.0
USA Facebook Others Tech 0.71 3.0
USA Facebook E-Commerce 0.01 1.0
USA Facebook Enablers/Platforms nan nan
USA Google Application Software 806.334 80.0
USA Google Other Internet Businesses 721.658 207.0
USA Google Others Non-Tech 445.212 44.0
USA Google Unclassified 287.913 52.0
USA Google Healthcare 240.448 42.0
USA Google Lifestyle 202.9 19.0
USA Google Connectivity/Social 86.56 4.0
USA Google Financial Services 83.912 15.0
USA Google Others Tech 70.12 14.0
USA Google E-Commerce 0.216 2.0
China Jack Ma Enablers/Platforms 4200.0 7.0
China Jack Ma Enablers/Platforms 3755.0 4.0
China Jack Ma Application Software 1668.5 7.0
China Jack Ma E-Commerce 1642.52 16.0
China Jack Ma E-Commerce 1600.0 1.0
China Jack Ma Lifestyle 1457.6 4.0
China Jack Ma Connectivity/Social 1240.0 1.0
China Jack Ma Application Software 1071.0 2.0
China Jack Ma Others Tech 954.0 2.0
China Jack Ma Others Tech 793.5 1.0
China Jack Ma Lifestyle 730.0 8.0
China Jack Ma Connectivity/Social 726.0 3.0
China Jack Ma Others Non-Tech 692.0 1.0
China Jack Ma Enablers/Platforms 457.9 5.0
China Jack Ma Others Non-Tech 340.2 12.0
China Jack Ma Others Non-Tech 327.8 2.0
China Jack Ma Other Internet Businesses 305.0 3.0
China Jack Ma Others Tech 236.0 1.0
China Jack Ma Lifestyle 220.0 2.0
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