India: Sales and Profits

Here are all public Indian companies, grouped by Industry. The size of the box indicates revenue (2012) and the colour indicates net profit (red is low, green is high). Click on the group to see companies below. Click further to see their financials on IndiaInfoLine.

Refineries Steel Large Power Generation Supply Computers Software Large Oil Drilling Allied Services Trading Constructi. Telecommun. Service Provider Electric Equipment Diamond Cutting Jewellery Engineerin. Turnkey Services Gas Distributi. Fertilizer. Finance Investment. Mining Minerals Metals Automobile. LCVs HCVs Pharmaceut. Indian Bulk Drugs Formln Steel Medium Small Solvent Extraction Auto Ancillarie. Automobile. Passenger Cars Automobile. Tractors Chemicals Cement North India Textiles Products Aluminium Aluminium Products Finance Housing Cigarettes Personal Care Multinatio. Finance Term Lending Institutio. Textiles Manmade Textiles Cotton Blended Automobile. Motorcycle. Mopeds Sugar Food Processing Indian Computers Software Medium Small Engineerin. Transport Airlines Tyres Plastics Products Diversifie. Mega Pharmaceut. Indian Bulk Drugs Steel Sponge Iron Automobile. Scooters Wheelers Transmisso. Line Towers Equipment Packaging Miscellane. Paints Varnishes Breweries Distilleri. Computers Hardware Cement South India Textiles Processing Domestic Appliances Personal Care Indian Castings Forgings Entertainm. Electronic Media Software Paper Logistics Pesticides Agrochemic. Indian Shipping Electronic. Components Engines Petrochemi. Hotels Cables Power Textiles Spinning Synthetic Blended Pesticides Agrochemic. Multinatio. Electronic. Consumer Ceramics Tiles Sanitarywa. Tea Food Processing MNC Chlor Alkali Soda Ash Cement Products Healthcare Ship Building Telecommun. Equipment Glass Glass Products Cables Telephone Dyes Pigments Air conditione. Pharmaceut. Indian Formulatio. Compressor. Drilling Equipment Edible Oil Textiles Composite Pharmaceut. Multinatio. Diversifie. Medium Small Cycles Accessorie. Steel Pig Iron Leather Leather Products Electrodes Graphites Infrastruc. Developers Operators Computers Education Fasteners Printing Stationery Dry Cells Detergents Intermedia. Diversifie. Large Pumps Abrasives Grinding Wheels Textile Machinery Plantation Plantation Products Bearings