Learn to create data comics

Once you find insights from your data it's time to stitch your data comic story together. Here are a few tips on what to do next.

Summarise your story: Write down a short summary in less than 100 words.

Use a story structure: Stories have a beginning, middle & end. This is true for comics too, even 3 panel comic strips.

Choose your comic characters: Visit Comicgen and choose the relevant character(s), emotions and poses your data comic strip needs. Use the 'save image' option to save them as .png files.

Prepare your data viz elements: Since we are doing a 'data' comic strip, you will need to prepare the most appropriate data visual elements that are appropriate for your story.

Write your script: Write down your script. Keep them conversational, short & interesting.

Puting it together: It's time to put your data comic together. Use Powerpoint - it is a handy tool for a task such as this. Once you are done, save your final output as an image.


Yes, you need inspiration - lots of it. Here's where you will get them.

Learning Resources

Create interactive comics using Comicgen JS

The Comicgen Javascript library helps you create interactive comics. Head out to the Comicgen development section to learn more.

Examples of Comicgen JS Data Comic Interactives;

Comicgen for Power BI users

Power BI Users can download the Power BI Comicgen plugin from here or from the Microsoft App Source page. Here's a short intro to get you started.

Examples of Power BI Comicgen data stories;