Vijay Karnataka: Elections 2013

Wealth of politicians (PDF)

Tue Mar 26 2013

Which are the wealthiest parties? Politicians? What can their wealth buy?

2008 election results (PDF)

Tue Apr 2 2013

What was the margin of victory? Where did women contest and win? Where did the young and the old candidates contest?

MLA performance (PDF)

Wed Apr 10 2013

Which MLAs attended the assembly sessions regularly? How do people rate them?

Assembly questions (PDF)

Tue Apr 16 2013

What do MLAs ask about in the assembly questions? What are the parties' focus?

Caste distribution (PDF)

Mon Apr 22 2013

What do people vote based on? The caste? The party? The candidate?


Apr 2013

What is the geographic distribution of a variety of election parameters? PPTX output