Monitor your Organic Synthesis Process

Use Machine Learning to alert operators when quality drops

Mobile Alert

Open in your mobile and put it in your pocket. You will get an alert when quality drops.

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Floor Monitor

Display in a large screen on the plant floor. Operators can see from far when quality drops.

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Predict Quality

Find out if a batch will produce a good result or a bad result — without running it.

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Re-run the last batch to explore the minimal change to improve batch quality.

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What does this application do?

Predict quality

Using real-time data of reactor temperature, crystallizer cooling rate, its stirring speed, etc, we predict whether this batch will be good or bad in real-time.

Fix batches

When we predict a bad batch, we alert the user. They can increase the crushing cycle time to increase the fine particle ratio in the batch, reducing wastage.

Optimize setup

Analysts can re-run any past batch to automatically with parameters needed to fix the batch, reducing re-work and future monitoring cost.

Not sure where to start?

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