Gramex: Visual Analytics Engine

**Integrated visual analytics platform**. Visualization is imperative for actionable data insights, spotting unusual patterns and simplifying decisions. New techniques supported by technology advances make these possible. This is the high-level architecture of Gramener’s visualization server. **Drills into raw data**. Link summaries with the underlying raw data. Anyone can *just click* on any value or category *to drill down* to explore further - without limits. **Interactive explorer**. Visuals like Sankeys, Cartograms, Voronoi networks, etc. are drawn on the fly. End users can *explore models* interactively without any statistics knowledge. **Automated narratives**. Annotates visuals automatically, *explaining insights in plain English*. Spots unusual patterns using rules as well as machine learning. **Automated analysis**. *Automatically analyses data* based common patterns across any dataset. The business user becomes as powerful as an analyst in finding new insights. **Native integration**. *Read natively* from ERP, RPA and social media engines. Export *native editable Microsoft Office documents*, videos, and iOS/Android apps. **Product builder**. Builds applications that users can download, feed data in, and interact with. Custom built visuals can be distributed to the whole organization for them to see impact of their data.
The Gramex platform is priced based on cores. - USD 25,000 outside of India per 2 cores per year - Rs 15,00,000 within India per 2 cores per year This price is exclusive of taxes. ### What is a core? A CPU may compise of multiple cores. You are buying the license based on the capacity of the server it is deployed on. For example: - If you install Gramex on a 4-core server, you need a 4-core license - If you have purchased a 4-core license, you should not deploy it on a 6-core, 8-core or larger server. - If you have purchased a 4-core license, you would not want to deploy it on a 2-core or 1-core server, since these have less processing power ### Unlimited usage There is no restriction on: - The number of users that can use the application - The number of times the users access the application - The size of the dataset (subject to hardware capacity) The pricing is only driven by the number of cores and duration. ### Enterprise license Gramex may also be purchased as an enterprise-wide license. Please email []( for details