Gramex is a Low-Code Data Science Platform to Automate Insights as Stories.

Gramex now allows Sunburst charts and a visual chart creator. Find Out What’s New

Gramex Allows You to:


Generate Insights Using Machine Learning

We have moved from Domain-driven Decision Making to Data-driven Decision Making. Human expertise gives way to AI. Gramex is a data analytics software that lets you analyze data using Statistical, Machine Learning & Deep Learning techniques.


Narrate Beautiful Visual Stories

Humans are not number crunchers. We're pattern recognition engines. We understand pictures a thousand times faster than numbers.

Gramex lets you present analysis as visual stories that surface hidden insights, making inferences easy and actionable. These are also narrated automatically in plain English.


Connect to Any Data Source

Every organization is a mix of the advanced and the simple.

Data is stored in Spark data lakes and Excel; in NoSQL databases and relational databases; in ERP & CRM applications as well as in the Social Media.

Gramex reads natively from all of these, live. You can link summaries with the raw data to click anywhere and drill down without limits.


Embed Anywhere

Gramex converts your product into a rich Business Intelligence application, which you can embed into your Product, Customer Portal, Intranet, Website, or Presentation. Users with no technical expertise can still access Analytical & Visual Insights.

Gramex's open API is customizable to match the look & feel of your product. It can be called from external BI applications (including Tableau, Power BI, or Qlik), and lets you create your Formulas, Charts, and Data Connectors.


Deploy Anywhere. Scale on Cloud and Ground

Moving a prototype to production is a hassle. Developers need to worry about security, logging, caching, load balancing, administration, and likewise problems.

Our business intelligence and data analytics software bakes in these features. Once built, you can deploy the application on a single server or a cluster -- either on the cloud or in your data center.

Typical Gramex Application Architecture

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