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The Gramex platform is priced based on cores. - USD 25,000 outside of India per 2 cores per year - Rs 15,00,000 within India per 2 cores per year This price is exclusive of taxes. ### What is a core? A CPU may compise of multiple cores. You are buying the license based on the capacity of the server it is deployed on. For example: - If you install Gramex on a 4-core server, you need a 4-core license - If you have purchased a 4-core license, you should not deploy it on a 6-core, 8-core or larger server. - If you have purchased a 4-core license, you would not want to deploy it on a 2-core or 1-core server, since these have less processing power ### Unlimited usage There is no restriction on: - The number of users that can use the application - The number of times the users access the application - The size of the dataset (subject to hardware capacity) The pricing is only driven by the number of cores and duration. ### Enterprise license Gramex may also be purchased as an enterprise-wide license. Please email []( for details