Data Comics & Augmented Reality

Comics have this power to draw a reader's attention like no other. We published a data comic booklet on the theme - 'We need more Women Judges in India'. Wanting to challenge perceptions of our readers, we were looking for ways to introduce trivia as part of the booklet. How do we make the reader figure out the answer to a question with the curiosity of a child? Enter Augmented Reality.

One of the characters poses a question as part of the story. The reader hovers their phone over an AR marker and gets to see the answer to the question.

Here's a PDF version of the comic booklet.

The good part is you needn't install an app for the AR experience. Once you get the link from the QR code, the AR experience happens on your mobile browser.

Want your data story to be told through Comics & Augmented Reality? Do reach out to us.

Team: Bhanu Kamapantula, Priti Pandurangan, Ramya Mylavarapu, Richie Lionell

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