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Find new ways of conveying insights through multiple data stories formats

Data storytelling

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The purpose of our hackathons is for people to learn to be better Data Storytellers.

Interacting with diverse participants from different backgrounds opens new perspectives on analyzing data and communicating the stories.

We aim to learn from the best, practice the art of data storytelling and build a community around it.


Learning: These events are meant for learning across the community.

Non-competitive: Competition hinders learning. Submissions are not scored. A review panel (typically two members) shares what was good and bad.

Use public data: Do not expose confidential data to audiences that should not have access to it.

Be inclusive: Encourage participants who generally work behind the scenes to present their output.

Gramener Hackathon

What Is It?

Gramener’s shout-out to people who love communicating data insights as stories.

Who Should Join?

Anyone interested in data who wants to share their thoughts with the data community.

Why Should You Join?

You can work with like-minded data heads, find insights that matter, and present them as stories for everyone to know.

Existing and upcoming data stories

Our first Data Storytelling Hackathon was organized on May 10th 2019. Check out the outputs created by participants from Gramener.

Our second Hackathon on June 14th brought us some more participation from outside Gramener and even cooler data stories. Check them out.

Our third hackathon on July 12th was organized with the spirit of physical data visualizations. Check out some wonderful outcomes.

Upcoming Hackathon is on August 9th. The objective is to create Data Movies. RSVP on Meetup. (Registration link at the top of the page)


These hackathons are run based on a code of conduct that encourages learning and openness.