Gramener Data Storytelling Hackathon
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The purpose of our hackathons is for people to learn to be better Data Storytellers.

Interacting with diverse participants from different backgrounds opens new perspectives on analyzing data and communicating the stories.

We aim to learn from the best, practice the art of data storytelling, and build a community around it.


Learning: These events are meant for learning across the community.

Non-competitive:. Competition hinders learning. Submissions are not scored. A review panel (typically two members) shares what was good and bad.

Use public data: Do not expose confidential data to audiences that should not have access to it.

Be inclusive: Encourage participants who generally work behind the scenes to present their output.

About Hackathon

What is it?

It is Gramener's initiative to shout out for people who love communicating data insights as stories.

Who should join?

It is intended for anyone who is interested to work with data and share their thoughts with the data community.

Why should you join?

Participate and work with like-minded data heads, find insights that matter, and present them as stories for everyone to know.
##### Note: These hackathons are run based on a [code of conduct]( that encourages learning and openness.