Automated narratives in simple English to help you understand your data better

What can Narratives do?


Automate business report annotation

Why manually annotate design-data reports when our Narratives product can automate it? Reports are available on-the-fly in conversational language linked to data visuals.


Zero lead time

All the reports are software-generated, and you can get them instantly without waiting for your Business Analysts to annotate the drivers of variance in a financial statement.


Automate human intelligence

AI-driven Natural Language Generation (NLG) enabled platform that automatically creates human-like narratives at an enterprise scale for business users who are not data literate.

Find out how Narrative is helpful in your context

How is Narrative Helping Our Clients


Real Estate Price Clustering

We clustered all flats in Singapore based on their characteristics (size, floor, type, construction date) and leases. The flats cleanly cluster into 3 distinct chunks.