Cluster is Our One-point Solution for Heavy Data Problems

Cluster Allows You to:

Segment Entities by Their Behavior

Cluster helps you group your customers, products, assets, and employees into similar groups using Machine Learning algorithms. It allows businesses to define, create products, and target offerings to these homogenous groups.

Identify Patterns Between Data Elements

Data clustering helps uncover heterogeneous groups in your customer base and help develop tailored business strategies. Uncover hidden patterns in your data using visualizations like scatter plots to maps.

Interactive Feature Identification

The application has no limitation on the size and no. of datasets. Practical usage of this application works in the Product + Resource engagement model where an analyst can work with you to unleash the power of insights for business value creation.

Automate insight narration using Natural Language Generation (NLG)

Turn your data into plain and simple English narratives. The cluster automatically adapts the most comprehensive phrases to showcase your insights in an even comprehensive ways.
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How is Cluster Helping Our Clients


Real Estate Price Clustering

We clustered all flats in Singapore based on their characteristics (size, floor, type, construction date) and leases. The flats cleanly cluster into 3 distinct chunks.