frequently asked questions

We offer domain-specific, insightful data analytics and AI/ML solutions across 5 major verticals: Pharma & Life Sciences, Financial Services, Public & Nonprofits, High Tech, and Media & Entertainment. But we have also worked with clients in manufacturing, retail & ecommerce, and more. Talk to us about your requirements.

We automate insight-generation and weave them into visual narratives. This ensures that users act and take decisions, rather than wasting time interpreting data. Our solutions are design-led, intuitive, and interactive. As a company, we also bring 10 years of experience to the table. This translates to rich domain knowledge to enrich the solution and avoid common pitfalls.  

While this depends on the problem we need to solve, we are able to deliver most solutions in a matter of weeks once the requirements are frozen, thanks to our low-code development framework, Gramex. With microservices and configurations, the code becomes less, and there are fewer bugs to tackle.