We tell data stories to accelerate decision-making. But we have a story too.

Our vision:
We want 7,000,000,000 people to enjoy
insights as data stories

Insightful stories

Our goal is to deliver insights to people, not mere facts. AI, ML & DL are a means to this end. We want to narrate these insights as stories.

Memorable and viral

Stories are memorable. They evoke emotion and clarity and drive action. Stories are also viral. They spread through sharing, which enables collective action.

Multiple story formats

The result may be a visual, narratives, slide deck, video, email alert, WhatsApp or Twitter message, or even a comic. Our goal is to deliver the insight as a story that drives decisions.

Our Story

How Did We Arrive At This?

From the early days, narrating insights as data stories was a part of the Gramener culture.

An early example was the discovery that children born in June score lower marks than those born in August. The insight was, that this was driven by the children's age (August-born children miss the July date cutoff, and join school 11 months later, becoming the oldest children in the class).


How Did We Move Forward?

The above discovery was followed by similar discoveries in weather (how one district has counter-cyclical weather), literature (how characters relate to each other), politics, sports, and others.

We extended these to our clients in the form of visual analytical applications across Media, Pharma, Public sector, Technology & Consulting, and many others industries.


How Did We Help Our Clients Through the Journey?

To help our clients understand the offering, we rode on the wave of popular technologies. Big data was the wave in 2011-2014. Data science was the wave from 2015-2018.

But data storytelling has finally emerged, with analysts such as Gartner recognizing it as a theme. We now recognize what we have been doing for nearly a decade as narrating insights as data stories.


Leadership team

Profile picture
S. Anand
CEO, Co-founder
Anand drives Strategy - Business & Technical at Gramener and is rated among the top 10 data scientists in India.
Profile picture
Naveen Gattu
COO, Co-founder
Naveen drives Sales & Operations, and focuses on client success & relationship.
Profile picture
Mayank Kapur
CDO, Co-founder
Mayank drives the project delivery and has a proven record of driving growth and client value creation.
Profile picture
Ganes Kesari
SVP Analytics & Innovation, Co-founder
Ganes leads AI Labs & Analytics practice. He is a thought leader and an international speaker.
Profile picture
Sivakumar Sangubotla
SVP, Delivery
Siva has two decades of rich experience in IT Industry spanning Global Delivery, PMO, and Operations Management.
Profile picture
Sundeep Reddy Mallu
SVP, Products & Hiring
Sundeep leads Product Development, IP Solutions and Talent Acquisition.
Profile picture
Vijay Nair
SVP, Sales
Vijay leads strategic account sales for North America. He is a marketing professional with rich experience in Business Analytics.
Profile picture
Vijayam Sirikonda
SVP, Sales
Vijayam leads strategic account sales for APAC markets and establishes maturing trust-based relationships with stakeholders.
Profile picture
Zubin Dhingra
VP, Growth and Customer Success
Zubin leads the North America growth charter. He brings in deep customer success acumen and partnership, markets development experience.
Profile picture
J. Ramachandran
Chief Mentor
Ram was Gramener’s founding CEO and now is an advisor and a member of the board.

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