frequently asked questions

If you create presentations repeatedly, manually add insights to data, or share data with external stakeholders, then SlideSense is for you. Use SlideSense to create beautiful interactive visualizations, automate insights from data, and personalize reports for every region, product or team.

The Cluster solution can help you segment data based on similarity and behavior. Examples include analyzing clusters of telecom subscribers, bank customers, stock price behavior, and even apartment prices.

This visual exploratory tool can help you read data from any source, create new data columns on-demand, define metrics for evaluation, and present visually. The Drilldown feature helps you get to the most granular level of data.

Elevate your storytelling with ComicGen characters. You don’t need to know how to draw. Just download and use (or the plugin if you’re on Power BI, or the JS if you’re a coder) comic characters with over 25 different poses and emotions! Best part of this? It’s completely free and open-source.