2 service requests

About this visual

Each circle represents a possible state of the service request.

The size represents the percentage of time spent by all service requests in this state. (Larger circles indicate more time.)

The colour represents the time spent by any service requests, on average in this state. (Red circles indicate a higher average processing time.)

The arcs on top represent forward flows, from left to right. Their size and colour again represent the total and average time spent in that transition.

The arcs below represent reverse flows, from right to left. Their size and colour are similarly constructed.

74.1% Cancelled 16.8% In Progress 0.1% Planning 0.0% Submitted 9.0% Waiting Approval

Cause of delay This visual uses TopCause: a Gramener algorithm

Group Count Days spent

* Empty cell implies no impact

Summary of the causes

There are no significant causes of delay that we can infer for this segment from the data.

Service requests status Showing 7 out of 7

Service Request ID SR Audit Create Datetime SR Audit Status Next status Time spent
REQ000000874885 12-01-14 13:41 In Progress Cancelled 5081498
REQ000000874885 12-03-14 9:13 Cancelled Submitted 22402522
REQ000000874885 26-11-14 16:08 Submitted Waiting Approval 20
REQ000000874885 26-11-14 16:08 Waiting Approval Planning 54281
REQ000000905093 12-03-14 9:51 Submitted Waiting Approval 43
REQ000000905093 12-03-14 9:52 Waiting Approval Planning 2673275
REQ000000905093 12-04-14 8:27 Planning In Progress 18880

Process Workflow Optimization

This page shows all required calculations for the workflow POC.


  1. De-duplicate data by primary keys Service Request ID, SR Audit Create Datetime, and SR Audit Status.
  2. Sort by Service Request ID, and within that, by SR Audit Create Datetime.
  3. Add a Next status column that has the next row's SR Audit Status within a given Service Request ID. (The last row in each Service Request ID will have a NaN Next status.)
  4. Calculate the Time spent as the next row's SR Audit Create Datetime minus the current row's SR Audit Create Datetime. For the last row, this value will be NaN.

Basic statistics

Time spent in each status, on average

count count_transitioned mean_days total_days
Cancelled 1 1 259.3 259.3
In Progress 1 1 58.8 58.8
Planning 1 1 0.2 0.2
Submitted 2 2 0.0 0.0
Waiting Approval 2 2 15.8 31.6

Time spent on transitions

count mean_days total_days
SR Audit Status Next status
Cancelled Submitted 1 259.3 259.3
In Progress Cancelled 1 58.8 58.8
Planning In Progress 1 0.2 0.2
Submitted Waiting Approval 2 0.0 0.0
Waiting Approval Planning 2 15.8 31.6