Gramex exercises

Complete below exercises to get an overview of the Gramex features.

  1. Write a haiku in praise of Gramex.

  2. Install Gramex on your system and run gramex.

  3. Create a gramex.yaml file in any directory and browse its contents.

  4. Create a gramex.yaml that runs Gramex on port 80 and logs every request to a file.

  5. Make show “Hello {name}” when a ?name= parameter is passed.

  6. Make /blog/ render a simple Markdown-based blog.

  7. Load a dataset into MySQL or PostgreSQL, and create a DataHandler that exposes that table.

  8. Make gramex-guide without authentication and create google-auth only to /blog/.

  9. Display the results of git log on a git repository.

  10. Create a simple chatbot.

  11. Create a dashboard showing the latest tweets and followers of any user, along with the popular tweets that mention them.

  12. Create an album showing the latest photos of any user.

  13. Draw a simple pie chart using data from DataHandler.

  14. Write a form that lets users send an email.

  15. Make Gramex log the time into time.log on startup, and every 2 minutes.

  16. Make Gramex log a message when a file is changed.