Customized errors in Gramex

You can define your own custom error handlers in Gramex.

There are 2 kinds of errors we often find. FunctionHandlers raise a HTTP 500 (Internal Server Error) and FileHandlers raise a HTTP 404 (File Not Found Error)

You can design an error page consistent with your project’s design. Just create a 1HTMLfile and in yourgramex.yaml` handler, include:

    pattern: ...
    handler: ...
            404: {path: $YAMLPATH/404.html}
            500: {path: $YAMLPATH/500.html}

Here is an example of a custom 404 error page.

The error pages are actually templates that have additional information about the error. You can choose to display this or not.

Remember: you don’t need to copy-paste this on every handler. Just re-use configurations.