Windows IntegratedAuth

Gramex 1.22 has a new authentication mechanism called IntegratedAuth. This lets Windows users automatically log in without having to type their ID or password.

This can be set up instead of LDAPAuth. Wherever you use LDAPAuth (e.g. Axis, ICICI) or where the the system is running on Windows (e.g. Star, Times, maybe GroupM and Novartis), we can use this.

The setup is very simple:

    pattern: /$YAMLURL/login
    handler: IntegratedAuth

When the user visits /login, it will automatically log the user in. The handler.current_user object looks like this:

    "id": "EC2-175-41-170-\\Administrator", // same as domain\username
    "domain": "EC2-175-41-170-",            // Windows domain name
    "username": "Administrator",            // Windows user name
    "realm": "WIN-8S90I248M00"              // Windows hostname

This MAY ASK for a username and password. If so, users can enter their Windows ID and password.

To prevent asking, enable SSO on IE/Chrome or on Firefox. It’s a set up that needs to be done either by their administrator or all end users.