Jobs at Gramener

Details of the role

Data Consultant

About the role

Lead Data consultants work in consulting and advisory roles with clients to understand business problems , extract relevant insights using EDA /Analytics from data and deliver them as solutions.

At Gramener, all solutions are powered by Gramex, a Python-based in-house data and web platform and are at the intersection of data science, Visual Analytics & Consulting.

A typical day for a consultant starts with client interviews for in-depth requirements and understanding the problem at hand. Data Analysis & insight extraction follows. Afternoons are spent interacting with Design and Analytics teams to brainstorm & craft data solutions. Dotted across rest of the day would be activities like Tracking progress of ongoing projects , team meetings, Client communication for sign offs and updates, documentation etc.

Location: Bengaluru/Hyderabad

What Gramener offers you

Gramener will offer you an inviting workplace, talented colleagues from diverse backgrounds, career path, steady growth prospects with great scope to innovate.

Our goal is to create an ecosystem of easily configurable data applications focused on storytelling for public and private use.

The positions are based out of Gramener Mumbai office.

Core Skills & Activities

Consulting Skills

  • Ability to quickly understand the domain & distill wide amount of information into relevant knowledge.
  • Understanding of requirement frameworks and ability conduct client interviews and workshop to better understand needs, challenges and opportunities.

Solutioning Skills

  • Create solutions which satisfy customer needs and enable impactful delivery of insights
  • Ability to guide clients & recommend the right solution after weighing alternative solutions & best practices in domain & industry.
  • Circumstantially, educate & work with clients on possible alternatives in analytical techniques to be used, best practices in usability & design etc.

Business skills

  • Support business development initiatives with guidance from other SBU execs.
  • Take an active role in developing strategic practice offerings, campaigns and initiatives

Communication & Interpersonal Skills

  • Ability to communicate detailed information in an impactful & concise way.
  • Be a trusted advisor to the clients and well-rounded interpersonal skills.
  • Manage relationships with clients to ensure objectives are met and initiate new opportunities.
  • Collaborate with cross functional teams and get things done

Technical Skills

  • Advanced understanding of excel or any tool which allows for data exploration and insight generation.
  • Demonstrated analytical and problem-solving skills. Attention to detail & use critical thinking skills to inform decision making.

Ownership & Accountability

  • Experience of having handled projects end to end. Own project deliverables & outcomes.
  • Thrive in circumstances where you're empowered to take the lead, go above and beyond to deliver results.
  • Process & document hygiene is a given.