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Our computer vision business solutions have
had a profound impact across domains


Boost Conservation Efforts

We have helped non-profits and foundations boost their conservation efforts by utilizing computer vision software to speed up and bring accuracy to species detection & classification.


Bolster Supply Chain & Logistics Processes

Our computer vision solutions for manufacturing play a crucial role in QA integration, warehouse and fleet management to reduce bottlenecks, boost scalability & increase revenue.


Enable Pharma

We power digital transformation for pharmaceutical firms by implementing AI technologies like computer vision in healthcare use cases such as scanning & classification of research documents.

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Clients we have worked with

Problems we solve with computer vision solutions

Problems we solve with computer vision solutions-01
Automatic Inspections

Production line inspection for QC & evaluating facility equipment such as storage tanks, pressure vessels & piping

Problems we solve with computer vision solutions-02
Medical Image Processing

Exploring 3D images of the human body for pathology diagnosis, surgical interventions planning, and research

Problems we solve with computer vision solutions-03
Object Detection

Analyzing objects in image/video for counting, identifying precise location, labeling & classification into groups

Problems we solve with computer vision solutions-04
Supply Chain & Logistics

Visual AI tech to design supply chain workflows addressing challenges in supply chain management

Problems we solve with computer vision solutions-05
Food Grading

Measure size, color profile, and ripeness, identify defects/diseases and classify scanned agricultural produce for QA

Problems we solve with computer vision solutions-06
Pharma Drug Discovery

Automated library scanning and classification of research images, saving time and manual work for scientists

Our computer vision business solutions are built with a business-first approach

We create business solutions that use machine learning, artificial intelligence, and data storytelling to build easy-to-scale yet data-intensive solutions. Our solutions include even more real-time and streaming applications, which call for high-performance, reliable hardware. All our solutions are compatible with popular 3rd party cloud services.

Built on Gramex, our low-code, open-source data visualization platform, we develop custom software/apps that dramatically reduce your time-to-market without compromising on your business goals.

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Success Stories with our Geospatial data solutions

Salmon Detection Web App For Nisqually River Foundation

Download the case study of our partnership with Microsoft AI for Earth to develop AI solutions to automate fish species identification for biologists at Nisqually River Foundation.

Enhancing Manufacturing QC with Computer Vision

Download the case study of our partnership with Microsoft and World Mosquito Program (WMP) to build Geospatial AI driven solution to fight mosquito borne diseases.

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