Pharma and Life Sciences AI Solutions

Opportunity for Pharma to improve operating margins by 20 – 50%

using Data Science, AI & ML Technologies.

Transformation enabled by 90+ use-cases across the Pharma value chain.

Choose Gramener as your data science partner
in pharma & life sciences

The Need to leverage Data Science, AI and ML
in Pharma & Life sciences

Five Transformative Forces shaping the Industry

Healthcare & Lifesciences is transforming as seen by:

  1. Increasing Healthcare cost pressures
  2. Increasing Patient centricity & Personalization
  3. Entry of Digital natives into healthcare
  4. Transforming the role of healthcare stakeholders
  5. Technology advancements in Sciences, Digitization, Data Science & Advanced Analytics including AI & ML

Pharma companies can improve operating margins
by 50% Using Data Science

Improvement opportunities across the value chain

Improvement opportunities exist across the Pharma functions of R&D, Operations, Sales & Marketing, and Enabling functions.


The improvement potential could be 5% in revenue, 5-20% on cost baseline, or in total 20-50% improvement in the operating margin.

3 Lighthouse Project examples from 90+ Use-Cases compiled exclusively for Pharma Senior Executives

Compelling reasons to choose Gramener as a Data Science Partner for PHARMA and Lifesciences

Proven Pharma Domain Expertise

Gramener can help you with 90+ Use-Cases curated across R&D, Operations, Commercial & Support Functions, with hands on implementation of 30+ Use-cases

Broad & Deep Tech Expertise

Gramener’s Innovation Labs ensures to be at the cutting edge of advanced AI & ML technologies such as Computer Vision, Natural language processing & generation

DS & AI Platform for Productivity

Gramex low code framework enables data scientists rapidly build enterprise grade custom applications, enabled by ready to use Microservices, Data Connectors, Processors, Pre-built Libraries, Models, Visual Analytics & Storyboard Templates

ROI Focus, Mindset & Accountability

Gramener starts every project by assessing the business impact potential for the client by implementing a use-case and investigating if there us a positive ROI potential upfront

One-Team Partnership Mindset with internal & external resources

Gramener starts with a holistic advisory to clients on creating a data & analytics roadmap, and partnering seamlessly with best of breed 3rd party software/ service providers already chosen by clients to ensure business impact

A Decade of Track Record with Satisfied Clients

Our clients are our best ambassadors and are testimony to the value we support them create

our solutions are trusted by

Phani Mitra B.
VP – Analytics & Strategy, DRL
A Proud Gramener Client
“The analytics-led innovations program in our R&D received a good fillip with contributions from the Gramener team, primarily on unstructured data (Images & text extraction from documents).”

Pharma & Lifesciences companies, can choose from four options, ranging from 4 hours to 8 weeks, to leverage Gramener’s advice before embarking on Use-case implementation support

Executive Advisory on the Art of the Possible (4-6 Hours)

Empower leadership teams to build a data-driven organization. Learn to harness the power of data & analytics to enhance your Organization

Data & Analytics Strategy and Roadmap
(6 weeks)

Help enterprises develop a business-aligned D&A strategy and translate it into a comprehensive roadmap with high-impact use cases.

Data & Analytics Use Case Design
(4 weeks)

Help organizations design the blueprint of D&A use cases including functional design, technical approach and business ROI.

Establish a Data & Analytics Team
(8 weeks)

Support Enterprises to strategize, establish and scale a Data and Analytics team / Center of Excellence (COE)

Get 90+ Pharma Data & Analytics Use-Cases

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