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Details of the role

About role

You will deliver value to clients by building data-driven visual solutions.

At Gramener all applications are powered by Gramex, a Python-based in-house data and web platform. Our application technology stack is a healthy mix of JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Python and YAML configurations for Gramex. It is not uncommon to use shell scripts, R, native mobile technologies wherever applicable.

A typical day involves collaborating with peer developers, consultants, analysts, quality analysts, clients to understand business requirements. Gramex applications are consumed in a varied set of ways: As screenshots, PDFs or as a stand-alone web application. These applications involve data visualisation, good amount of analysis, business context.

In a nutshell, this role is at the intersection of data science and software engineering practices.

What Gramener offers you

Gramener will offer you an inviting workplace, talented colleagues from diverse backgrounds, career path, steady growth prospects with great scope to innovate.

Our goal is to create an ecosystem of easily configurable data applications focused on storytelling for public and private use.

Core skills

  • Proficient in JavaScript, handle API integrations, ensuring high page responsiveness, browser/device support, modular code etc.
  • Strong SQL queries skills and experience with relational databases.
  • Working experience with visualisation libraries like D3 js, Vega etc.
  • Working experience with Python and data manipulation libraries such as pandas. You are expected to pick and use the efficient data structures for the ETL tasks.

Bonus: Interest in creating data applications that provide joy to consumers.

We are interested to discuss if you match any mix of the above skills.


As part of the role, you are expected to:

  • Collaborate with cross-functional teams to deliver data applications meeting business requirements.
  • Learn from each other and teach the larger organisation within or across teams.
  • Bug triage with QA team and peer developers.
  • Follow best practices software development practices like code versioning, programming language standards like PEP8, ESLINT etc, continuous integration and continuous deployment (we use GitLab!).
  • Develop domain skills over a period of time adding value to your team.

We also welcome data hackers, tinkerers, enthusiasts in our journey to better storytelling.

Visit for an overview of our applications.