Jobs at Gramener

Details of the role

About Gramener

We help consult and deliver solutions to organizations where data acts as the core of decision making. We undertake strategic data consulting for organizations in laying out the roadmap for data-driven decision making. It helps organizations to convert data into a strategic differentiator. Through a host of our product and service offerings, we analyze and visualize large amounts of data.

Job Description

We are looking for a front-end technology expert who can work on our custom Data Application building projects. You will be building front-end components, scaffoldings, and utilities that will be used across multiple engagements.

Job Responsibilities

  • 6+ years of web development experience using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript libraries.
  • Excellent understanding of client-side scripting and front-end frameworks/libraries (i.e., ReactJS, Vue, Backbone.js, jQuery, D3.js, lodash.js).
  • Proficient with Javascript (ES2015/ES6) and modern front-end development tools (npm, Webpack, Babel, Gulp, etc.)
  • Familiar with the bootstrap library for UI components.
  • Data visualization with SVG/canvas experience a plus.
  • Proficient understanding of cross-browser compatibility issues and ways to work around them.
  • Experience using a backend language and framework (i.e., Ruby/Rails, Python/Django, Javascript/Node) is a plus.
  • Coordinating activities and task assignment for the 2-member UI development team
  • Ability to interact with project teams to understand the scope, define the front-end implementation approach, and deliver components.

Good to Have These Bonus Skills and Requirements

  • Github profile and past work.
  • Git version control.
  • Creating/packaging modules/libraries in JavaScript.
  • Previous work experience in the Data Science space.