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Details of the role

About Gramener

We help consult and deliver solutions to organizations where data acts as the core of decision making. We undertake strategic data consulting for organizations in laying out the roadmap for data-driven decision making. It helps organizations to convert data into a strategic differentiator. Through a host of our product and Solutions and Service Offerings, we analyze and visualize large amounts of data.

What Gramener offers you

Gramener will offer you an inviting workplace, talented colleagues from diverse backgrounds, career path, and steady growth prospects with great scope to innovate. Our goal is to create an ecosystem of easily configurable data applications focused on storytelling for public and business use.

Work Location: Bangalore

Role Description

  • Prospect should have experience with deploying Deep Learning (DL) based Image processing models in production environment on Azure
  • DL model deployment using Azure NC series GPU
  • Models are built/trained on Azure ML Services
  • The prospect will NOT be building models, but they will have to focus on deploying models built by the team of Data Scientists
  • Focus is to run multiple models in an optimal manner while optimizing GPU utilization

Model workloads

  • Up to 100 images per week
  • Each time model runs a batch of 10 to 12 images
  • Currently, each run is taking 3 hours

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