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Details of the role

Principal Data Consultant

Principal Data Consultant work in consulting and advisory roles with clients to understand business problems, extract relevant insights using EDA /Analytics from data and deliver them as solutions. At Gramener, all solutions are powered by Gramex, a Python-based in-house data and web platform and are at the intersection of data science, Visual Analytics & Consulting.

Experience: 5 to 12 years

Work location: Bengaluru / Hyderabad

Responsibilities of a Principal Data Consultant:

A typical day for a consultant starts with client interviews for in-depth requirements and understanding the problem at hand. Data Analysis & insight extraction follows. Afternoons are spent interacting with Design and Analytics teams to brainstorm & craft data solutions. Dotted across rest of the day would be activities like Tracking progress of ongoing projects, team meetings, Client communication for sign offs and updates, documentation etc.

As a Principal Data Consultant You Must Have

Consulting Skills

  • Ability to quickly understand the domain & distill wide amount of information into relevant knowledge.
  • Understanding of requirement frameworks and ability conduct client interviews and workshop to better understand needs, challenges and opportunities.

Solutioning Skills

  • Create solutions which satisfy customer needs and enable impactful delivery of insights
  • Ability to guide clients & recommend the right solution after weighing alternative solutions & best practices in domain & industry.
  • Circumstantially, educate & work with clients on possible alternatives in analytical techniques to be used, best practices in usability & design etc.

Business skills

  • Support business development initiatives with guidance from other SBU execs.
  • Take an active role in developing strategic practice offerings, campaigns and initiatives

Communication & Interpersonal Skills

  • Ability to communicate detailed information in an impactful & concise way.
  • Be a trusted advisor to the clients and well-rounded interpersonal skills.
  • Manage relationships with clients to ensure objectives are met and initiate new opportunities.
  • Collaborate with cross functional teams and get things done

Technical Skills

  • Advanced understanding of abstract analytics or any tool which allows for data exploration and insight generation.
  • Demonstrated analytical and problem-solving skills. Attention to detail & use critical thinking skills to inform decision making.

Ownership & Accountability

  • Experience of having handled projects end to end. Own project deliverables & outcomes.
  • Thrive in circumstances where you're empowered to take the lead, go above and beyond to deliver results.
  • Process & document hygiene is a given.

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