Jobs at Gramener

Details of the role

Principal Data Scientist – AI Labs (India)

Where: Hyderabad/ Bengaluru, India

Are you interested in applying the latest AI research to solve complex organizational problems? Would you like experimenting on state of the art techniques and translate them into a form for ready application to real-world challenges? Are you passionate about evangelizing the use of AI techniques in the open-source community?

If yes, join us.

The Role

  • You will lead the roadmap for AI Labs at Gramener — building Machine Learning products that will eventually solve business problems.
  • You will work on experimentation projects in NLP/NLU, Computer Vision, GeoAI, ML Engineering, MLOps and more.
  • you'll practice the entire lifecycle of researching needs, exploring ideas, facilitating team discussions, scoping work, iterating to completion, and shipping new or improved features and functionality.
  • You'll be responsible to build a diverse & inclusive team at Gramener - from interns to Senior/Lead ML positions - to help build ML products & integrate them into Gramex (our open-source platform).
  • you'll balance technical, user, and business goals and make informed decisions about which products and features we build and how they should work. You'll create CV & NLP Pipelines, make them scalable, integrate them into Gramex, and evangelize their use in the open-source community.

What Skills Should You Have

At Gramener, we believe in telling compelling stories using Data & AI. We value experience and expertise as much as interest and passion in storytelling & AI. You may be a fit for this role if:

  • You are passionate about AI & Storytelling
  • You have a background in ML engineering or experience building DL/ML models at scale from inception to production.
  • You have a strong understanding of neural networks/deep learning, feature engineering, feature selections, and optimization algorithms.
  • You have a solid understanding of engineering best practices and the complexities of models in production.
  • You're a natural communicator and facilitator, capable of bringing diverse personalities and perspectives together to scope problems and shape solutions as a group.
  • You can simultaneously focus on delivering positive outcomes, managing consistent output, and mitigating disruption and risk.
  • You have an experimentation mindset and are comfortable coming up with structured approaches for abstract problems
  • You're enthusiastic about great experiences, pragmatic when making trade-offs, and are able to work in quick iterations on long-term goals.
  • You're confident when sharing your perspective with peers and customers and humble enough to take constructive feedback to improve your understanding and approach.
  • You have experience working on open source projects, enterprise software, or applications that use NLP/Vision/GIS.
  • You can show us examples of a successfully shipped product or feature.
  • You have 8 to 10 years of hands-on experience working on machine learning with at least 3 years’ experience in deep learning techniques.

About us

We solve the most challenging organizational problems with compelling data stories using insights and a low code analytics platform. We consult and deliver solutions to transform organizations through data-driven decision making.

We told a global computer manufacturer to “focus on order delivery time. It'll increase NPS by 18% with incremental revenue of >$50M”. We advised a US-based cold storage player to optimize warehouse turnaround times by 16%. We predicted mosquito release points for a foundation to cut down process times from 3 weeks to 2 hours in a mission to protect 100M lives from malaria in 5 years. We told a national poultry firm to “use coir as litter material. It reduces mortality. It'll save you $1.7m”.

We are good at what we do, which is why we are growing by 40% every year. We are looking out for people who are passionate about data, are interested in solving complex business problems and can delight our clients by delivering value.

We offer you

  • A platform to work on meaningful, high-impact challenges that you'll be proud of solving
  • An opportunity to make deep industry connects in data science
  • A chance to try things, take risks
  • People you will enjoy working with

Key success metrics for you will be:

  • Translation of experimentation outcomes into delivery capabilities
  • Contribution of ML techniques to the platform roadmap
  • Thought leadership in AI

To know more about us visit Gramener Website and Gramener Blog.