Jobs at Gramener

Details of the role

Data Science Engineer - Python GCP

Where: Hyderabad / Bangalore, India

About Gramener

We help consult and deliver solutions to organizations where data is at the core of decision making. We undertake strategic data consulting for organizations in laying out the roadmap for data driven decision making, in order to equip organizations to convert data into a strategic differentiator. Through a host of our product and service offerings we analyse and visualize large amounts of data.

What Gramener offers you

Gramener will offer you an inviting workplace, talented colleagues from diverse backgrounds, career path, steady growth prospects with great scope to innovate. Our goal is to create an ecosystem of easily configurable data applications focused on storytelling for public and private use.

Skills & Qualifications

  • 3-5 years extremely good in Core / Adv Python, Fastapi, pytesti
  • Experienced in webservers like nginx, unicorn
  • Experienced in dockers, kubernetes, helm charts
  • Experienced in GIT, Jenkins
  • Basic knowledge in ML DL
  • Experienced in databases like postgres and clearly
  • Ability to design scalable REST services
  • Handson knowledge on Linux OS
  • GCP (GCS, Cloud Composer, Bigquery) – Resource should be skilled in parsing PDF, web-scrapping and
  • working knowledge of Cloud composer and Google Bigquery

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