Jobs at Gramener

Details of the role

Full Stack Developer

Job Location: Hyderabad/ Bengaluru, India

Are you interested in solving complex business problems with the help of data and insights? 

Would you like a C-suite focused business advisory experience in the field of data & analytics? 

Do you want to be a part of a change that is sweeping the business environments of today? 

If yes, here’s your opportunity to be one of us! 

In this job, you will:

  • design components that extract insights automatically from data.
  • create components that automate storytelling – visual & narrative.
  • solve real-world architectural challenges covering the entire data-to-deploy cycle.
  • mentor teams across the organization.
  • demonstrate Gramex’s capabilities to clients.
  • check out the kind of solutions being powered by Gramex.
  • do process monitoring for a leading pharma company.
  • explore innovation, technology, and entrepreneurship opportunities.

To join us, you should have:

  • excellent relationship building and organizational skills.
  • 4-8 years of experience in Python & JavaScript.
  • the ability to enjoy working in a fast-changing field.
  • the ability to demonstrate the solutions/products capabilities to clients.
  • excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  • rock-solid programming skills in Python (Pandas is a plus) & JavaScript.
  • the ability to work with a team and be a solo cruiser whenever needed.
  • the ability to quickly complete large volumes of work while maintaining high quality.
  • the ability to learn and improve quickly.

About us

Gramener is a design-led data science company. We build custom Data & AI solutions that help solve complex business problems with actionable insights and compelling data stories. We partner with enterprise data and digital transformation teams to improve the data-driven decision-making culture across the organization. Our open standard low-code platform, Gramex, rapidly builds engaging Data & AI solutions across multiple business verticals and use cases. Our solutions and technology have been recognized by analysts such as Gartner and Forrester and have won several awards.

We offer you:

  • first-hand experience with a C-Suite focused business advisory in the space of data & analytics.
  • an opportunity to make deep industry connects with data science experts, client teams, domain champions and be part of the change that is transforming the business environment today.
  • a chance to try things, take risks.
  • meaningful problems you’ll be proud of solving.
  • people you will be comfortable working with.

Key metrics for you will be

  • Timely delivery and quality of delivery 
  • Customer satisfaction on engagements 
  • Advisory practice support (including support on advisory and consulting collaterals) 

To know more about us visit Gramener Website and Gramener Blog.