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Start Coding Somewhere - Nikhil Kabbin

Nikhil didn’t like programming, but that changed! Here are his experiences on building data applications.

The Tech-Debt That Made Me More Humble - Niyas P.

While working with client data, never take things for granted. Here’s why you need to kill every bug, even if it’s small as an atom.

A Unique Bug I couldnt Figure Out - Niyas P.

Sometimes we come across bugs that are not serious but need an out-of-the-box perspective to resolve.

Change is Good – Niyas P

As a young kid, I would visit a park with my grandfather. One day he took me to a new park. I didn’t like the idea of coming to a new place and asked him to take us to the usual park.

Courtesy: Mr. X – Nikhil Kabbin

According to Nikhil Kabbin, Director – Technology, in coding, not attributing is as good as stealing. I almost bore the brunt of it this once.

Stay Calm to See The Light – Nikhil Kabbin

When we watch the news on television, we seldom imagine the behind-the-scenes hustle and bustle that makes live news possible.