Digital Transformation of Pharma Value Chain with Advanced Analytics

Improve pharma and life sciences operating margins using custom data analytics, and AI/ML technology 
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Pharma & life sciences is undergoing rapid transformation

Per McKinsey, several pharma companies have already made significant investments (~$300-400 Mn) in people, platform, project and data with a large portfolio of analytics experiments, establishing analytics COEs. Leveraging data and analytics present a real opportunity to scale for these pharma companies.

This is fueled by the five forces at play

Increasing healthcare cost pressures
Increasing patient centricity & personalization
Entry of digital natives into healthcare
Transforming the role of healthcare stakeholders
Tech advances in data science, analytics, etc

How our Solutions transform the pharma value chain?

How Gramener's Solutions transform the pharma value chain?

Gramener offers deep pharmaceutical domain expertise on the industry’s challenges & data needs across R&D, Pharma Operations, and Sales & Marketing functions.

We start every project with a ‘data advisory to implementation’ approach. This is followed by creating a data & analytics roadmap and partnering seamlessly with the best of breed 3rd party software and service providers already chosen by clients to ensure optimal business impact.

Coupled with our ‘business first, technology later’ approach, we assess the business impact potential for the client by implementing a use-case and investigating if there is a positive ROI potential upfront.

We bring to the table customized analytics solutions, actionable insights, a strong knowledge of regulatory compliances with an emphasis on data security and privacy and a long-term partnership with client focused on continuous monitoring and improvement.

Gramener’s data & AI offerings for
pharma & life sciences

Gramener’s data & AI Offerings - Drug Research & Development

Drug Research & Development

Computer vision & NLP-based AI offerings for drug content analytics, automated cell counting, anonymizing patient data, generating clinical study reports and developing patient narratives

Gramener’s data & AI Offerings - Pharma Operations


To support pharma operations optimally, Gramener can create a digital twin of your pharma operations process in order to optimize the yield from drug manufacturing as well as to improve the Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)

Gramener’s data & AI Offerings - Pharma Sales & Marketing

Pharma Sales & Marketing

Leveraging pharma analytics such as physician segmentation, performance data, trade network, and historic calling patterns to offer personalization at scale through sales incentives, communication strategies and more

Some of Our Many Successful Use Cases

Case study

Elevate your commercial pharma strategies with our Gen AI solutions, designed exclusively for decision-makers.

Engage healthcare professionals profoundly through our Creative Image Generation tool, tailoring visuals precisely.

Boost your team’s expertise subtly with our Smart Sales Training Solution, accommodating individual learning styles. Experience streamlined processes and enhanced engagements without overwhelming complexities. Join us in this transformative journey, where innovation meets practicality, empowering your commercial pharma endeavors effortlessly.

Case study

The AI platform for clinical trial report submission is here. Our solution will simplify and streamline the clinical trial report submission process, ensuring compliance with complex data privacy regulations. It’s UI/UX-led approach using customized algorithms takes the pain out of complex regulatory compliance. It offers:

  • Cutting edge AI
  • User-centered Design, and
  • Expert Regulatory Compliance Algorithms
  • Simplification of compliance with the evolving stringent global regulatory disclosure & submission rules.
Case study

For one of our clients, counting cells in liposome images using a Transmission Electron Microscope led to high manpower requirement, high-cost consumption, and up to 35% manual error. We enabled it to reduce manual effort by up to 95% and increase accuracy by more than 90%.

We help pharmaceutical companies reduce their overall efforts by using computer vision solutions such as the automated cell counting software. The solution:

  • Uses a Convoluted Neural Network (CNN) based Deep Learning counting model.
  • Using it, we can detect and count the number of cells in a liposome image.
  • Also, its interactive UI improves the interaction between humans and computers.
Case study

KOLs hold an influential place in the pharmaceutical landscape. But identifying them can be challenging due to the evolving landscape of pharmaceutical industry. Our KOL management solution takes care of that. It helps our clients uncover nuanced insights by:

  • Leveraging Natural Language Processing (NLP) and variable associations.
  • Delivering precise results by analyzing vast data and identifying patterns.
  • Reducing rejections and elevating Net Promoter Score (NPS) metrics.
Case study

Pharma sales reps have the arduous task to not just sell but build relationships. Gramener’s personalized data & AI solutions suite will offer them:

  • Tailor made communications strategy for physicians
  • Custom incentives payout planning for sales teams
  • Data-driven trade discount analytics for chemists
  • Personalized prompts engine to guide sales reps
  • Chemists network analytics to improve trade efficiency

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