Packaging Defect Detection Solution

AI-Powered Visual Inspection System
for Corrugated Boxes and Folding Cartons

Packaging Industry is Facing Losses Due to
inefficient Quality Checks

__Customer Dissatisfaction

Customer Dissatisfaction

Defective packaging leads to increased complaints and returns, negatively impacting customer satisfaction.

__Product Recall And Return

Product Recall and Return

Recalls due to defective packaging are costly, impacting both revenue and brand reputation.

__Regulatory Non-Compliance

Regulatory Non-compliance

Failure to meet regulatory standards can restrict market access and limit business opportunities.

Enter PackAVIS

Inspect packages in minutes instead of hours

PackAVIS is an AI-powered mobile solution designed for the automated visual inspection of packaging, specifically corrugated boxes and folding cartons. It aims to enhance the efficiency and accuracy of detecting packaging defects, offering significant advantages over traditional manual inspection methods.

packaging defect detection solution

How PackAVIS Simplifies Packaging Defect Detection

Currently, manual inspections involve several steps including learning customer specifications, inspecting parts, recording data, and summarizing reports, which can be time-consuming and prone to inconsistencies.

PackAVIS simplifies the process by scanning images using a mobile phone, instantly identifying defects, saving data automatically, and generating reports and alerts in real-time.

Overall, PackAVIS offers a fast, accurate, and convenient solution for packaging defect detection, leveraging AI to streamline the inspection process and enhance productivity.

How Does PackAVIS Work?

PackAVIS has three modules to inspect packages and
analyze defect trends from anywhere

__Inspect Boxes
Inspect Boxes

Mobile inspection system capable of identifying customer-specific defects with flexible inspection distances.

__Generate Reports
Generate Reports

Produces standard and custom reports, including defect trend analysis. Get insights on quality inspection.

__Add New Defects
Add New Defects

Allows users to add, edit, or delete defects, incorporating built-in ASTM and TAPPI inspection standards.

Automating Defect Detection for
Leading Global Clients

Damaged Blister Packs in Pharmaceutical Packaging

AI-driven vision system to detect damaged blister packs. High-resolution cameras inspected each pack, and the AI model identified and rejected defective packs.

Misaligned Labels in Food Packaging

Automated vision system using machine learning to detect misaligned labels in real time. The system flagged any misalignments in the captured images for immediate correction.

Defects in E-commerce Packaging

Monitored packages with real-time image analysis to detect defects. Flagged defective packages for removal and re-inspection, ensuring only defect-free ones proceeded further in processing and delivery.

PackAVIS Brings You

Reduced inspection time, boosting productivity
Eliminate human error and ensure consistent inspections
Perform inspections from anywhere, on the go
Intuitive interface with a built-in library to add defects
Tailored reports with detailed defect analysis and visualizations

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