Cluster analysis tool

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Segment your data behaviorally

Cluster analysis (or clustering) is the categorization of entities into different groups. It is the partitioning of a data set into subsets such as clusters or classes. Data clustering is a popular technique for statistical data analysis, which is used in many domains such as machine learning, Insights generation, data mining, and pattern recognition. With our clustering analysis tool you can group your data into segments that behave similarly so you can target your offerings to more homogeneous segments.

Benefits of cluster analysis tool

Segment Entities by Behavior

Our cluster analysis tool helps you group customers, products, assets and employees into similar groups using Machine Learning algorithms. It allows businesses to define, create products and target offerings to these homogenous groups.

Identify Patterns Between Data Elements

Data Clustering Helps Uncover Heterogeneous Groups In Your Customer Base And Help Tailor Your Business Strategies. Uncover Hidden Patterns In Your Data Using Visualizations Like Scatter Plots And Maps That Are Already Embedded Into Our Clustering Analysis Tool.

Interactive Feature Identification

The application has no limitation on the size and number of datasets. Practical usage of this application works in the product + resource engagement model where an analyst can work with you to unleash the power of insights for business value creation with K-means clustering analysis.

Automate Insight Narration With NLG

The World Is Complex Enough. Make Your Data Simple And Insights Simpler To Consume. Our Clustering Analysis Tool Converts Your Data Into Plain And Simple English Narratives. The Cluster Automatically Adapts The Most Comprehensive Phrases To Showcase Your Insights In A Comprehensive Way.

Benefits of cluster

Easy to use

This application groups the similar/dissimilar entities of your business by clustering the data into any relevant matrices.

Flexible and intuitive

You can select multiple features and perform numerous iterations based on your business scenarios.

Power-packed features

The application is loaded with best of breed automated statistical algorithms and even hold provisions to download maps, clusters, and charts for future use.

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