Details of the Role

Full Stack Developer

Work Location: Hyderabad and Bangalore

Are you interested in solving complex business problems with the help of data and insights? Would you like a C-suite focused business advisory experience in the field of data & analytics? Do you want to be a part of change that is transforming the business environments today? If yes, join us.

In this job, you will

  • Design components that extract insights automatically from data
  • Create components that automate storytelling – visual & narrative
  • Solve real-world architectural challenges covering the entire data-to-deploy cycle
  • Mentor teams across the organization
  • Demonstrate Gramex’s capabilities to clients
  • Check out the kind of solutions being powered by Gramex
  • Process monitoring for a leading pharma company,
  • Exploring innovation, technology and entrepreneurship

To join us, you should have

  • Have excellent relationship building and organizational skills
  • Enjoy working in a fast-changing field
  • Demonstrate the solutions/products capabilities to clients

You must have

  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Looking for an experience 4 to 6 years in JavaScript, Python
  • Rock-solid programming skills in Python (Pandas is a plus) & JavaScript
  • Like working with a team and a solo cruiser when needed
  • Can quickly complete large volumes of work with high quality
  • Quick to learn and improve

About Gramener

We solve the most challenging business problems with compelling data stories using insights and a low code analytics platform. We consult and deliver solutions to transform organizations through data-driven decision making.

We told a global computer manufacturer to “focus on order delivery time. It’ll increase NPS by 18% with incremental revenue of >$50M”. We advised a US-based cold storage player to optimize warehouse turnaround times by 16%. We predicted mosquito release points for a foundation to cut down process times from 3 weeks to 2 hours in a mission to protect 100M lives from malaria in 5 years. We told a national poultry firm to “use coir as litter material. It reduces mortality. It’ll save you $1.7m”. 

We are good at what we do, which is why we are growing by 40% every year. We are looking out for people who are passionate about data, are interested in solving complex business problems and can delight our clients by delivering value.

We offer you

  • First-hand experience with C-Suite focused business advisory in the space of data & analytics.
  • An opportunity to make deep industry connects with data science experts, client teams, domain champions and be part of the change that is transforming the business environment today
  • A chance to try things, take risks.
  • Meaningful problems you’ll be proud of solving.
  • People you will be comfortable working with.

Key metrics for you will be

  • Timely delivery and quality of delivery
  • Customer Satisfaction on engagements
  • Advisory practice support (including support on advisory and consulting collaterals)

To know more about us visit Gramener Website and Gramener Blog.