Details of the Role

Generative AI Engineer

Location: ITPL, Whitefield, Bangalore, India

About the Job

Are you interested in solving complex business problems with the help of data and insights? You can be a key driver in transforming our business with the help of data and analytics.

In this job, you will:

  • As a Generative AI Engineer, you will play a crucial role in designing, developing, and implementing cutting-edge generative artificial intelligence models and systems.
  • Your expertise will contribute to creating AI-powered solutions that generate high-quality content, images, text, audio, or other media while pushing the boundaries of creativity and innovation.
  • You will collaborate closely with cross-functional teams to deliver AI-driven products that reshape industries and user experiences.
  • This role requires a deep understanding of machine learning, neural networks, and generative modeling techniques.

To join us, you should have:

  • Research and Development: Stay up-to-date with the latest advancements in generative AI, deep learning, and related fields. Contribute to the research and development of novel generative models, exploring new algorithms and methodologies.
  • Model Architecture: Design and develop custom generative models tailored to specific applications. Experiment with various neural network architectures such as GANs (Generative Adversarial Networks), VAEs (Variational Autoencoders), and more.
  • Data Processing: Prepare and preprocess datasets to be used for training generative models. Apply techniques such as data augmentation, normalization, and transformation to ensure optimal model performance.
  • Training and Optimization: Train generative models on large-scale datasets using appropriate frameworks and libraries. Optimize models for efficiency, speed, and quality of generated output.
  • Hyperparameter Tuning: Fine-tune model hyperparameters to achieve optimal performance, balancing factors such as convergence speed, stability, and output diversity.
  • Evaluation Metrics: Develop and implement metrics to evaluate the quality, diversity, and novelty of generated content. Continuously iterate on models to improve these metrics.
  • Deployment: Collaborate with software engineers to integrate generative models into production systems. Ensure scalability, reliability, and efficiency of the deployed models.
  • Collaboration: Work closely with cross-functional teams, including machine learning engineers, data scientists, designers, and product managers, to translate business requirements into generative AI solutions.
  • Documentation: Document your research, experiments, and codebase thoroughly. Create clear and concise documentation for fellow engineers and stakeholders.
  • Continuous Learning: Stay informed about industry trends and emerging technologies. Attend conferences, workshops, and seminars to maintain expertise in the field of generative AI.


  • Bachelor’s, Master’s, or Ph.D. in Computer Science, Engineering, or a related field.
  • Strong foundation in machine learning, deep learning, and neural networks.
  • Proficiency in programming languages such as Python and relevant AI libraries (TensorFlow, PyTorch, etc.).
  • Experience with generative modeling techniques (GANs, VAEs, etc.) and their applications.
  • Solid understanding of data preprocessing, feature extraction, and model evaluation.
  • Experience in training and optimizing neural networks on large datasets.
  • Familiarity with cloud computing platforms and distributed computing is a plus.
  • Strong problem-solving skills and a creative mindset.
  • Excellent communication and teamwork abilities.
  • Portfolio of previous generative AI projects or publications is desirable

About Gramener

We write software that tells data stories. We told a global computer manufacturer to “focus on order delivery time. It’ll increase NPS by 18% with incremental revenue of >$50M”. We predicted mosquito release points for a foundation to cut down process times from 3 weeks to 2 hours in a mission to protect 100M lives from malaria in 5 years.”. We are good at what we do, which is why we are growing by 40% every year. We’re looking for team members who share our vision and will help us scale.

We offer you

  • First-hand experience with C-Suite focused business advisory in the space of data & analytics.
  • An opportunity to make deep industry connects with data science experts, client teams, domain champions and be part of the change that is transforming the business environment today
  • A chance to try things, take risks.
  • Meaningful problems you’ll be proud of solving.
  • People you will be comfortable working with.

Key metrics for you will be

  • Solution quality and business value delivered to client
  • Successful project deliveries
  • Customer Satisfaction on engagements

To know more about us visit Gramener Website and Gramener Blog.