Transparent, Compliant, and 85% Faster Document Submission to Health Authorities


Regulations like GDPR & EMA 0070 make it imperative for organizations to protect data and follow privacy requirements with transparency and public disclosure. Sensitive patient information has to be masked properly. Errors in PHI and PII could result in costly lawsuits for the organization. Also, any delay in clinical trial reports could result in penalties.


Gramener’s user-driven solution integrated advanced NER models with expert-designed anonymization techniques alongside a UI/UX driven Human-in-the-loop approach. It helped the client identify & classify PII (name, age, race, etc.) as Direct & Quasi identifiers to compliantly anonymize them.


Reduces manual effort and enhances compliance in handling sensitive data
85% faster turnaround
Significant cost savings,
estimated at $1M/year

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Accurate Data Extraction?

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