Scale up your business rapidly with a 360-degree view of your data

A NextGen sales & business planning system for the NextGen entrepreneur

Is your team drowning in manual processes, slowing down due to lack of business clarity?

Looking to rapidly scale up your up-and-coming business with efficient operations?

Improve valuation visibility, key drivers and valuation of your growing business

Managing growing/ brands and selling them across digital channels has unique challenges such as inventory management across all sale channels.

Enginuity collects, aggregates all your data from different sources together, parses and translates it into data insights – giving you a single, unified view of your business.

A strong grasp on your investments, performance and targets is what will determine your success.

Enginuity Will Get You Up and Running in No Time!

Our ready-to-use solution has pre-built plugins for channels like Amazon, Shopify, Mass Retail, etc., where you can quickly build customized rules and workflows.

Enginuity enables you to:

  • Be agile without investing in conventional and cumbersome ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems
  • Ability to handle large volumes of data from disparate sources
  • Ability to integrate seamlessly with multiple digital sales partners
  • Remove dependency on conventional and unscalable tools such as spreadsheets
  • Eliminate excessive dependency on individual users leading to departmental silos

Leverage Your Data, Maximize your Results!

Manage Your Business

Secure & format your business data from multiple sources in a homogeneous view that helps you run your business efficiently.

  • Sales data from the factory
  • E-commerce
  • Indirect (wholesaler, consumer, Point-of-Sale)

Plan Your Business

Enable daily and future planning of various business activities that impact your speed & GTM (go-to-market).

  • Inventory planning
  • Demand forecasting
  • Cash flow & working capital

Know Your Business

Get business insights and understand your target customers.

  • Production and promotion insights
  • Trade inventory build-and-burn
  • Freshness index
  • Gross-margin and enterprise reporting
  • Consumer promotional effectiveness and business trends
  • Frequent updates throughout the business day

Main Features

Plug-and-play interface



Pay as
you go


Scalable & Customizable

Business Transforming Features

Multi-Source Data Inputs

API, Flat File, ERP source, and multiple locations

Automatic Data Refresh

Update your data throughout the day

Different Source Data Types

Data is fetched for Consumption, Shipment, Inventory and Forecasting

Sales Scenario Simulations

Model Sales Scenarios and organizational impact

KPI Measurements and Reporting

Measure what is important

Demand Planning

Track inventory position and daily average sales run rates to forecast demand accurately and plan inventory


One Plan

For all, be it sales, production, expenses, financial, future and historical


Different types of data collection from many sources with frequent refresh

Data Analytics

A single view of business with
repeatable processes

Team Productivity

Team spends time on productive

History & Archiving

Never lose precious data on trends, comparison, and valuation

Quick Response

Respond quickly to inventory demands and market dynamics