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Gramex Supercharges your Performance in Days!

Gramex is a fast, flexible and easy-to-use Low Code Application Development Platform (LCAP). Here is a quick video on what do you get with Gramex.

Know the capabilities and technical specifications of Gramex.

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200+ built-in apps, components, microservices & libraries

  • 15 Connectors
  • 25 Processors
  • 40 Visuals
  • 15 Story Templates
  • 40 Models
  • 70+ Libraries

Built on popular open standards & with a zero-learning curve, it can help you get the ground running in no time.

  • Python
  • JavaScript
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • HTTP
  • REST

It’s made for humans. Humans understand patterns and visuals better than tables and numbers. Check out some cool visualizations!

Gramex low code platform screenshot

Now, Peek into the Gramex Architecture

Built for Customization & Scale

This image explains the architecture of Gramex low code platform

Gramex is priced according to your needs

Community Edition

Best for learning Gramex

Feedback System


  • Unlimited users
  • No of apps - 0
  • Open & extensible
  • Only Google login
  • No of IDE licenses - 0
  • No Product support

Lite Edition / month

Best for deploying 1 app

$ 3,999 / app

  • Unlimited users
  • No of apps - 1
  • Open & extensible
  • Any login/SSO method
  • No of IDE licenses - 0
  • Major releases & shared support

Enterprise Edition / month

Best for teams building 2+ apps

Feedback System

$ 8,999

  • Unlimited users
  • No of apps - Unlimited
  • Open & extensible
  • Any login/SSO method
  • No of IDE licenses - 5
  • Patch releases & dedicated support

Try Before Buy?

If you are new to our low code platform and would like to explore,
get started with the Gramex Guide – A manual to installing and using Gramex


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Frequently Asked questions

Gramex is a low code development platform that contains microservices, configurations, and other boilerplate components for developing data apps. It also integrates seamlessly with your existing frameworks. This means you can get your app up and running in a matter of days, not months.

Gramex has all the components you need in a low code platform to build data and AI apps. Whether you’re looking for data connectors, file handlers, or AI/ML model handlers, Gramex has a microservice for all your needs. Data visualizations are instant and minutely customizable with Gramex Charts.

Anyone with basic programming knowledge, including citizen developers can use our low code platform. You don’t have to write code unless you want to. Gramex’s modular nature enables drag-and-drop capabilities to build and configure your apps. 

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