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Building Solutions for the Greater Good on the
Microsoft Stack

Navigating the Data Cosmos for a Better World

As Microsoft Solutions Partner, Gramener has been building sustainable solutions for clients worldwide, spanning diverse domains. These solutions encompass everything from point solutions like clustering to cutting-edge analytics solutions utilizing AI, ML, and Deep Learning models.

The primary goal of this partnership is to develop innovative solutions on the Microsoft Azure Stack, simplifying the process of unlocking insights from vast datasets of organizations, including non-profits and foundations.

Embracing the ethos of “Data Science for Good,” our teams work together to harness state-of-the-art techniques in various fields, including computer vision, geo satellite analytics, natural language processing, and the art of data storytelling.

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Our Areas of Work under the Microsoft Banner

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AI for Earth, an initiative by Microsoft, stands as a dedicated ally to environmental organizations and researchers in their mission to address some of the planet’s most complex challenges. It leverages the formidable capabilities of AI and ML to support these crucial efforts.

Gramener plays an integral role in this endeavor by creating AI-powered APIs and models. These tools empower researchers to efficiently analyze vast datasets, uncovering valuable insights with ease.

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Leveraging the software and platform offerings from Microsoft we consult and work across diverse public sector stakeholders including Govt., NGO’s, Field force.

The visual analytics solutions are helping Indian and Singapore Govt. analyze progress and efficacy of health, nutrition, sanitation, agriculture and many more programs across geographies. Our AI labs team leverages AI and its allies to help public and civic sectors strengthen communities.

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Microsoft’s core mission revolves around “empowering every individual and every organization worldwide to attain greater achievements.” This mission statement underscores the company’s dedication to facilitating the growth and empowerment of both people and organizations.

At Gramener, our focus is on crafting data applications and visual analytics solutions that amplify the capabilities of Microsoft products like Power BI, enabling them to fully unleash their potential.

Visually Storified Case Studies with Microsoft

Predicting Disasters And Saving Lives with SEEDS India and Microsoft

Gramener, in partnership with Microsoft, developed a Machine Learning – driven disaster impact model to predict disasters and save lives.

Fighting Diseases with Geospatial AI

Read and download the case study of our partnership with Microsoft and World Mosquito Program (WMP) to build Geospatial AI driven solution to fight mosquito borne diseases.

Building Urban Resilience with Spatial Analytics

Our partnership with Microsoft and Evergreen Canada  resulted in building urban resilience by analyzing climate change & other datasets & building a unique Data Visualization tool.

Case Study - Salmon Detection Web App For Nisqually River Foundation

Salmon Detection Web App For Nisqually River Foundation

Read and download the case study of our partnership with Microsoft AI for Earth to develop AI solutions to automate fish species identification for biologists at Nisqually River Foundation.

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