Pharma Digital Twin
Enhance Drug Production Yield by 11% Leveraging Data Analytics

Digitally simulate drug manufacturing processes 30% faster in real-time using machine-generated data

Can you imagine pulling data from production machines, passing it through complex analytics algorithms, and making production improvements?

Sounds interesting, but >95% of pharma companies have no access to machine data. If they do, they don’t know what to do with it?

So, what can you do differently?

Leveraging our Pharma Digital Twin, you can control the complex interplay among hundreds of machine-generated parameters and use them for positive outcomes.

There’s more.

You can also add sensors and IoT devices to the machines, capture additional data and glean the insights while your competition juggles with traditional improvement methods.

Sneak Peak into the Pharma Digital Twin

Drug manufacturing is a complex process that needs careful execution of steps to hit the ‘Golden Batch’. Every production line is unique, and the outcome is dependent on a complex interplay of machine, product, and process parameters. Pharma Digital Twin enables you to cull out insights from the wealth of machine and sensor data, that was earlier too difficult to mine. Using it you can perform a detailed analysis of machine data in real-time and turn it into actionable insights. Further, the solution is built on a low code platform, implying you can do all this 30% faster.

Layout of the Pharma Digital Twin

Machine & sensor data collected from production line is mined by Pharma Digital Twin in real-time to come up with the actionable insights.

Working Model of the Pharma Digital Twin

The Digital Twin interface illustrates movement of drug-compound from one stage to another and complex interplay of parameters leading to a Bad or Good tablet output in the end.
Pharma Digital Twin Comes in
Many Flavors.

Pick the One You Need

Simulation Twin

Your objective: Digitally simulate the current drug manufacturing process and detect the anomalies as soon as they occur.

Your Benefit: Monitor the drug production process in real-time through digital visualization of shop-floor operations and act fast in case of anomalies.

Operational Twin

Your objective: Not only simulate the production process digitally but change the pharma production parameters to influence the outcomes in real-time.

Your Benefit: Know what changes to make to fix the problems that could have otherwise impacted the current batch.

Prediction Twin

Your objective: Determine what combination of parameters would get you the best drug production outcomes beforehand.

Your Benefit: No need for physical trial & error to find the best process parameters or machine settings for drug manufacturing. Simply run the parameters in the digital model and save on both cost & energy.

Where All You Can Leverage
Pharma Digital Twin





Cost Control

Improve Overall
Equipment Efficiency

With Pharma Digital Twin the
Benefits are Enormous

The Pharma Digital Twin Solution Brought
Delight to Several Global Pharma Clients

Equipment Set Up Optimization

Industry: Pharma manufacturing

Reduced Machine Set Up Time by 67%

Client Problem: It took considerable efforts to set up machine for every batch production leading to waste of 10k+ tablets per month.

Our Solution: Using Pharma Digital Twin, operators can now follow data driven approach to set up the compressor appropriately and ensure correct tablet hardness, thickness, and weight.

Process Yield Optimization

Industry: Pharma manufacturing

$2M Cost Savings for Drug Manufacturing

Client Problem: A global drug manufacturer struggled to maintain high production of the Golden-Batch for drugs and improve the first-time production accuracy.

Our Solution: Pharma Digital Twin enabled the client to gain control over complex interplay between operational and material parameters and improve production yield for 10 critical drugs.