Decoding U.S. Elections 2020 with visual data stories

Debate analysis, voting intentions, and more!

Data analysis and visualization have become the cornerstone of elections today. Data offers an evidence-based, neutral view of what’s happening and why. At Gramener, we drive the decipher the buzz around the U.S. Presidential Elections 2020 by giving you visual-driven data stories for you to check out and be aware of electoral issues. Here’s what we have for you.

  • Interactive exploration of debates. Find out what the candidates said about an issue that interests you.
  • Explorable Narratives: Visual breakdown by demographic and other factors

Make sure you mail in your votes or go out and vote on 3rd November, 2020!

Debate analysis, voting intentions, and more!

The Supreme Court, Covid-19 And More

How Often Did The Candidates Say Words That Are Important To You? Find Out In This Comic-Driven Interactive.

Vaccines, Minimum Wage, And More

Explore Topics And Keywords Trump And Biden Spoke In The Final Debate In Nashville. In Collaboration With Rev

Voting Intentions

Opinion Polls On Trump And Biden Across Genders, Ethnicities, Age Groups And Educational Backgrounds, And How They Change Over Time.

Does A Candidate's Height Really Matter?

Trump Is The 3rd-Tallest President In U.S. History. Did You Know That 3 Out Of 5 Men Who Served As President Were Above Average American Height?

Debate analysis, voting intentions, and more!

The Trump-Clinton Showdown

Explore The Showdown Between Hillary Clinton & Donald Trump In The 2016 Presidential Elections – Annotated, With Transcripts And Fact-Checking.

Race To The White House 2016

A Visual Analysis Of The 2016 Race To The White House, Featuring Animated Infographics From A Combination Of Structured And Unstructured Data.