This Story is Shared by Niyas P, Sr. Data Science Engineer at Gramener.


As a young kid, I would visit a park with my grandfather.


One day he took me to a new park. I didn’t like the idea of coming to a new place and asked him to take us to the usual park.

But he said, “change is good.” And it was. We had a wonderful time there.


This story had sunk into the recesses of my memory.


The PRISM project started three years ago. This project had been in a firefighting mode since the start. It is exhausting to even think about it now. But we had accepted that this project would always be like this.


When the new Agile framework was introduced, it was difficult to shake us all out of the project pace inertia. We outrightly rejected the Agile framework. Or at least tried to, for as long as we could.


Transitioning was not a natural choice. It was a forced one.  


I slowly adapted to the new process. And remarkably, my workload started reducing because I was getting more efficient. With that, the stress also disappeared. 


This incident made me realize that one must always be open to change. Change can improve the status quo.


As my grandfather said, “change is good.”


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