Smart contract risk
Identification with AI

Helping lawyers with contract
Review automation

Legal documents are too Voluminous, Verbose and Time-consuming to review, even for legal professionals and practitioners. Identifying critical clauses among hundreds of categories adds to the complexity. Reviewing legal documents like NDAs manually can take hours of effort.

AI empowered smart contract risk identifier automatically classifies the complete document into clause-based categories. It helps the lawyers to assess risks and quickly visualize the severity of the clause and act on critical clauses.

Ultimately, the legal document automation saves hours of valuable time of lawyers, which they can dedicate on much complex tasks.

Let the lawyers deal with more
complex issues


Search clauses based on
keywords and criticality.


Filter clause types to review
particular clauses


Pre-assigned confidence scores to measure the severity of the clause.

Get help from your friendly AI
legal doc analyzer

Zero Human Error

Detect missing clauses automatically and reduce commonly overlooked risks

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Easy to use

Clean interface with zero complexities for you to do what’s needed

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Work on priorities

Find prior clauses with high confidence score and save your research time.

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Working of smart contract Risk
identification app

Working of smart contract risk identification app

The Artificial intelligence empowered model learns from the database of 100+ documents and 6000+ legal clauses to identify and divide a legal contract into categories such as Agreement, Confidentiality, Dispute resolution, IP rights, Terms and condition, and many more.

SCRI speeds up contract analysis extracting vital information from a legal and contractual agreements. Lawyers can mitigate risks, improve consistency and quality of the legal documents.