An interactive, insight-driven cybersecurity solution for Micro Focus

Nick Nikol's testimonial from Microfocus

About the customer

Micro Focus is a British multinational software and IT company. It helps businesses embed security throughout the IT value chain and drive collaboration between IT operations, applications, and security teams.

Micro Focus has exhaustive experience in securing business processes from cyber attacks. Their proprietary cybersecurity product to help CISO and SOC analysts identify threats has been a market leader over the past decade. However, recent competitors offering a more seamless experience with easy monitoring capabilities were threatening its market position.

The business challenge

Security is a process and not a product. Meanwhile, cybersecurity technologies are fast-changing. Micro Focus Cyber Solutions, being more technically oriented, had limitations on synthesizing information easily on cyber-attack patterns. They wanted to complement their desktop offering with a dynamic web interface that allows effective and efficient threat identification.

Micro Focus wanted to utilize its applications to benefit its clients with automated user-focused security solutions. However, there was a set of challenges and road blocks.

Perceived lack of innovation: Users expecting frequent releases with new functionality and dynamic views.

Not catering to new audiences: CISO and other executives were not adopting complex products aimed at enterprise SOC analysts.

Cross-platform functionality: The current solution operated by the SOC analysts required high-end infrastructure for the native desktop application, resulting in limitations of its utilization amongst analysts.

Losing the competitive edge: Staying ahead in the fast-changing cybersecurity solutions market with several new startups.

Gramener's customer-centric approach involved the following.

Rethinking key personas & use cases

Map out gaps across end-to-end workflows

Iterative explorations of immersive experiences

Focused dashboard solution

To address the business challenge, Gramener offered a web analytics application in the form of a functional dashboard. Gramener was able to embed an array of functionalities into Micro Focus’ existing cybersecurity solution.

What the proposed prototype looked like

  • Contextual and dynamic visualizations highlight threat events that are mapped across departments and kill chain stages, showing volume, time trends and relationships

  • Faceted filters focus on time period, specific motivation, business risk, line of business, parent movement and regions

  • Exploratory visualizations to drill down threats by likely threat actors, departments, kill chain stages and related events, along with focus on critical threats

  • Overview of observations across time, accompanied by a tabular view of observation details

  • Interactive NLP-based chat experience that allows quick actions, easy access to information and task allocation.

  • Recommendation-based Insight Rule Engine to leverage industry-wide insights which can be seamlessly deployed

Taking it to the next level

With a visual analytics web application embedded into Micro Focus’ cybersecurity solution offering, the company is able to pitch their product to a wider range of prospects with advanced features.

  • Interactive demo to highlight the vision of the product to existing and prospective clients at multiple checkpoints and workshops
  • Exploratory concepts for the internal product team to expand on using unique visualizations and immersive experience for the two personas
  • Rapid, iterative prototyping to explore the potential use cases through participatory design and user validation
  • Tangible vision of how an immersive, dynamic and insight-driven product could look like

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