Dhfl reduces customer onboarding
time from 35-40 days to 7-8 days


Analyzing huge operational data and spot reasons for customer onboarding delays.


Automated operational analysis to locate delay parameters across multiple geographies.


Reduction by 65% in customer onboarding turnaround time and by 52% in loan application pendency.

A word of appreciation from the client

How DHFL Reduced Customer
Onboarding Time by 5X

To enable access to affordable housing finance to the lower and middle income groups in semi-urban and rural parts of India, DHFL scrutinizes end-to-end customer loan applications in multiple geographic locations. Following the operations protocol, DHFL then verifies the documents and check the eligibility of the applicant.

Their fantastic growth story received felicitation from the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs, Government of India for “The Best Performing Primary Lending Institution under CLSS for MIG” in 2018-19.


With massive growth in customer base, came challenges in handling customer operations across multiple customer onboarding functions. Any delay in customer operations would hamper customer satisfaction.

In order to create customer delight, DHFL needed a visual analytics solution in form of a data application. The intent was to enable DHFL to take data-driven decisions on areas with operational bottlenecks. The visual analytics solution was designed to focus on three major hiccups.


To address the business challenge, Gramener developed a set of visual analytics dashboards using Gramener’s proprietary development platform Gramex. Gramex integrated a variety of options in the dashboard for DHFL executives to:

  • Get a summarized View of Operational KPIs and metrics benchmarked against thresholds
  • Deep-Dive Capability across geographies (Region to Branch), Pendency and Hold categories

Analyze and compare Productivity and Capacity across business nodes to identify nature of support required


A one-stop summary of all key KPIs and metrics for the complete DHFL operating unit

65% decrease in customer onboarding time by enabling individual functions and identifying root cause of delay in processing applications 

52% decrease in loan application pendency by enabling individual functions with information on areas with high pendency and their reasons

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