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Financial Services

Gramener offers a suite of **data visualization** and **analytics solutions** for retail banks, corporate banks, investment banks, asset management, insurance and regulatory bodies.
Financial dashboards
Communicating **what's important** and **what's different** in financial analysis - like an automated digital assistant


Gramener is a leading partner to media companies for **digital content** and **data journalism**, data-driven **market research**, communication through **infographics** and consumer insights via advanced analytics and visualization.

Public Sector

Gramener helps Governments, Public Sector bodies and NGOs use public and private data to **monitor schemes**, see the performance of social initiatives, and publish this information to stakeholders and the public.

Retail & Consumer Goods

Gramener offers retailers, malls, consumer goods and product companies visual analytics for **in-store insights**, **product and channel performance**, as well as optimizing **supply chain performance**.


Gramener helps telecom companies understand **channel performance**, identify customers who may **churn**, monitor **network** utilization and identify areas of optimization.
Network monitor
Case Studies


Gramener's work in sports - the Olymptics, cricket, football, and more


Gramener's solutions in the education space

Just fun

Some of the work that we do without rhyme or reason. Or maybe art just don't require a reason.

Support Functions

Gramener works with consulting firms, GICs and support functions in areas of **Marketing** analytics, **Financial** analysis, **HR** analytics, **RPA** analytics and more.
Process Workflow Optimization
Where do service requests get stuck, and why? This visual analysis uses Gramener's automated analysis capability combined with natural language generation to show answers.
Supply Chain Analytics
A real-time visualization for transfer of  goods from vendor to warehouse to store - that helps identify bottlenecks in the end-to-end supply chain
Transcript Text Analytics
Which words were used most during corporate earnings calls? How has this changed over time? Gramener's text analysis shows patterns in text
Airline Cargo Optimization
When cargo moves from the airline to the warehouse, what are the factors that cause a delay? How can adding trained staff improve it? This model visualization provides insights.
Budget Reaction
How does the stock market react on the day federal budgets are announced? This historical animation features automated annotations that highlight market reactions.
US Elections 2016
A visual analysis of the 2016 race to the White House, featuring animated infographics from a combination of structured and unstructured data.
Patent Analytics
Explore this network of linkages between patents and patent assignees as a network
Pharma Literature Mining
A visual exploration of the network of drugs, diseases and targets, based on data scraped from public pharmaceutical literature
Retail Inventory Management
A visual guide to every section in the store. What is the overall status of the distribution cycle in the supply chain network?
Word Contrast
What questions do analysts ask IBM? How are these different from the questions asked to Microsoft? Gramener's visualization contrasts data from text
Social Keywords Trending
A real-time summary of the topics and sentiments that are trending around the event. This visualization shows the trends for world-cup related tweets.
Fighting Pneumonia
The Gates Foundation funded 55 grantees in 2014 alone for Pneumonia. This visualization explores the fundees and the size of the grants.
Analyzing Amul's Ads
Amul's ads have been a delightful source of entertainment for over 4 decades. This is a visual analysis of colours in Amul's ads since 1976 till date.
An interactive application that lets you cluster data (choose your model and parameters) and explore the insights to help understand and label clusters. Several demo datasets are also available
Social Recruitment
How can we explore the social network structure of Github? Coder search. Recruiting better
Better Design
A large-scale poster on some common DO's and DON'Ts related to design to help you avoid common mistakes.
Digital Boardroom
Beautiful interactive visuals that let you experience a snapshot view of your business
World Bank: Doing Business 2016
A visual summary of the World Bank Doing Business 2016 report.
Election Analytics
A visual guide to the history of Indian elections, from 1951 until today.
FIFA Player Performance
Explore the history of every single match, goal and player in every Football World Cup since 1930
Financial Drivers
A global financial services firm automated financial reports that showed drivers of performance in plain English.
Flags of the world
Explore the flags of the world to see similarities in colours, symbols and patterns.
FMCG Sales
How can we show the global sales break-up at every level for a CPG company? An interactive sunburst of market opportunities across countries to identify areas of focus -- in PowerPoint
India map
An interactive tool that lets you plot data on the India Map, also available as an offline Excel application
Aerospace patent explorer
Epic: Text analysis
Where do characters occur in the Mahabharatha? How close together are they? This is an analysis of the text of the largest epic in the world
Crime against Women
What do we know about crime against women in India? Explore this infographic explanation of clustering analysis based on data
Student performance
Understanding the drivers of academic success in school students, using Gramener's automated analysis technique to find proximate causes
NREGA Work Flow
Work Flow performance of the National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (NREGA). An exploration of which regions are effectively implementing and utilising the scheme
An exploration of visual, narrative and analytical technologies at Gramener. There's no telling what you may find in here
Playground Blog
An eclectic collection of interactive data-driven blog posts - about subjects ranging from advertisements to politics to health to sports to movies...
Supply Chain consolidation
A European brewery wanted to consolidate procurement under few vendors and minimise logistics cost. This analytic visual helped identify which products were purchased from multiple vendors, by which plants, and how often they were re-ordered.
Shakespeare's Sonnets
A visual tool to explore the patterns and flow of the sonnets of William Shakespeare
Television Election Analytics 2016
See Times Now visual journalism coverage of the 2016 Assembly Elections with Gramener.
Data Explorer
Treemap application
Channel Performance
A large bank had a manual process for sending performance reports to employees, highlighting their performance against targets, compared to peers and for their employees. Our NLG solution automated this entire report.
Automated Wealth Reports
Our retail banking client wanted to expand wealth management services to a broad market. Our automated NLG solution sends clients emails summarizing their portfolio, advising them on actions.
Technology fuels Innovation?
Does access to new Technology facilitate Innovation? Does it facilitate Entrepreneurship? Explore this interactive visual build along with the World Bank
App store downloads
What are the drivers of sales for this mobile application store? This interactive **PowerPoint** presentation auto-generated from data lets you drill into slides just like a web application - without an Internet connection
Kishore Kumar: A Treasure Trove
We happened to find an entire dump of close to 1500 Hindi movie songs (released) of Kishore Kumar & feasted on it. An accurate database of Bollywood songs is so hard to find and we were simply happy to depend entirely on the information provided by the meta tags from the mp3 dump. In the guise of 'analysis' our folk had a jolly good time.
College ratings
The India Today survey of colleges, visualized by Gramener
Product catalogue
We help build catalogues of products, services, even portfolio companies - helping the audience quickly reach information they want. This is a data-driven catalogue of software product companies in India, built for NASSCOM
Swacch Rail Portal
How clean are trains and railway stations? This survey visualization aggregates the information across India and presents it on the Government portal: RailSwacch
RPA Insights
RPA Command Centre
Hospital revenue
Explore how a hospitel gets revenue from its various services, specialities, patient types and doctors. Interact with the data visually though click-able cross-filters on Power BI
Water Treatment Monitor
This custom Power BI dashboard shows the status of IoT (Internet of Things) sensors at a water treatment plant, highlighting areas that require attention -- directly on the plant layout
Microsoft partnership
Gramener has partnered with Microsoft to bring visualizations to the Windows platform.
Digital Marketing Dashboard
Securities correlation
A wealth management team wanted a way of explaining securities portfolio movements. Gramener sourced public and private data to create a clustered correlation matrix of securities prices. Clients began trading more actively based on the increased visibility of portfolio groups.
Google Search Patterns
What keywords do different countries search for? How is India different from the US or the UK?
Transport Route Optimization
How can a vendor plan the route to pick up raw material from suppliers efficiently?
Software ecosystem
Explore alternatives to popular software across desktop and mobile, free and commercial.
Clinical drug discovery
Text Analytics application to scrape online data sources, apply text mining to establish unknown relationships assisting drug discovery
Pharma relationships
Pharma Text Analysis - Relationships table
An interactive visualization of the physique of the FIFA 2014 World Cup footballers
Terrorism Index on a 3D Map
A brief introduction to the Global Terrorism Index Report 2016 - 2017 - visualized on a 3D map as a narrative story.
AAP Political Party Donations
An interactive dashboard to explore trends in donations received by the Aam Aadmi Party
Pharma Adverse Events Analytics
The Adverse Event Reporting System (AERS) depicts information on adverse event and medication error reports submitted to FDA.
Loan Performance
A leading private bank used these dashboards to understand the performance of loans products, geographies and customer segments to strategize sales and marketing plans and plan for risks. These dashboards were also further used to analyze the loans portfolio performance in terms of Income and NPA detailed to a product level and **identify the correlations**. These also allowed for branch level analysis.
Best B-Schools Survey
Best B-Schools Survey for India Today
Call center
Perfomance of a BPO call center during the course of a day
Bank branch sales
This animated visual was used by a private bank to find weekly and daily sales pattern of the bank across branches in an automated fashion. Enables identification of outliers in terms of unusually good or bad days or weeks or branches. How does each branch's sales change over time? Are there special days when sales spikes?
Brands on Twitter
BT 500 for India Today
BT 500 for India Today
Best Colleges 2013
An interactive visualization of the survey of the Best Colleges across the nation in 2013
Company size
The employee strength and location of every company in India, based on EPF (employee provident fund) data
Sports performance
Who are the fastest batsmen in one-day international cricket, across countries?
Crime in India
Dashboard based on NCRB data on crime against women
Direct Benefit
Direct benefit
Email Network
Network analysis of the emails within
Foreign currency
An analysis of the Foreign Currency Regulation Act: who donates to whom, and why?
FII in India
Retail branch sales
This animated visual was used by a retailer to explore sales trends across stores in an automated fashion. Enables identification of outliers in terms of unusually good or bad days or weeks or branches. How does each branch's **sales change over time**? Are there special days when sales spikes?
HR Hiring Analysis
A PoC for GenPact
HR Hiring Analysis
Hospital revenues
Which doctors and specialities contribute to the growth / decline of revenue?
Industry performance
Find out which companies and industries were profitable in 2011-12
World Cup Coverage
Gramener hosted the World Cup 2014 Cricket coverage for Khaleej Times. This animated infographic is a tribute to that coverage, summarizing the key features of the graphics.
Modi Speeches
Modi speeches
Budget Forecast
This prediction system forecasts the actual and budgeted figures for the Indian Government spend from the ministry down to the account level.
Names & marks
How does a name affect a students marks in exams? What socio-economics drives this?
Visualizing networks
A talk on various ways of visualizing network data, with real-life examples from our work
NFL Touchdowns
This is a visual analysis of every score made by the Atlanta Falcons and their opponents during the NFL 2015 regular season. The Atlanta Falcons scored just 1 touchdown pass and also conceded more touchdown rushes (8) in the 1st quarter than any other team. The Falcons failed to score a single point in their game against the Panthers.
Olympics Quiz
How well do you know your Olympics history? Take this interactive visual quiz and find out.
Olympics 100m
Watch Ussain Bolt's 2012 victory in the 100m dash as a simple animation with audio commentary.
Padma Awards
All the Padma Award winners (Bharat Ratna, Padma Vibhushan, Padma Bhushan, Padma Shree) from the inception of the awards as an interactive infographic
Parliament decisions
How has the UPA Government performed over its last two terms?
Footballer's Faces
A visualization of the performance of footballers, represented as *faces*. This is based on Chernoff faces - a multivariate data visualization technique that renders data ass facial features.
Movie Dissection
Dissecting the Movies of Director Gautham Vasudev Menon - A visual analysis of the cops, songs, moods, runtime, cast, and much more, as a series of visuals.
Birthdays and marks
Are birthdays randomly distributed? Does a child's month of birth have an impact on marks? Gramener's exploration data for over 10 million children reveals striking insights - birthdays are not random. And they have a big impact on marks
Visualizations for FMCG
How can we show the global sales break-up at every level for a consumer product company?
Gramener architecture
The technical architecture and data flow within the Gramener visualisation server.
Banking brochure
Gramener helps bank visualize branch operations, service delivery, customer retention and sales.
Gramener banner 1
A tall banner featuring information about Gramener's capabilities, architecture and testimonials.
Gramener banner 2
A tall banner showing examples of Gramener's work in supply chain, risk management and text analysis.
Gramener brochure
A 2-page brochure with information about Gramener's work, offerings, capabilities, and solutions.
Visualizations for Media
Gramener works with the media to improve engagement, spread data journalism and improve efficiency.
Pharma brochure
Gramener helps pharmaceutical firms understand research and pre-clinical and drug development data visually.
Visualizations for Retail
Gramener helps retail majors manage revenue, retention and cost optimization across channels & stores.
Visualising Surveys
How Gramener helped explore an employee satisfaction from over 100,000 employees visually.
Telecom brochure
Gramener helps telecom companies grow market share and revenue while ensuring service quality.
Sports performance
Who are the fastest batsmen in one-day international cricket, across countries?
India's temperature
An examination of the geographic and temporal patterns of temperature, generated automatically
Parliament decisions
A print view of the UPA Government's performance across two terms, focusing on cabinet decisions.
Social networks
A summary of the online social media interaction between developers in Singapore and Bangalore.
Tata Group directors
An exploration of the patterns of directorship within the TATA group of companies, since their inception.
When to invest poster
A visual explanation of the impact of investing and divesting in 5 stocks between 2007 - 2013.
Winning Parties
A comparison of map representations (choropleths vs cartograms) and how they can misrepresent results.
QCI questionnaire
QCI questionnaire
QCI School
This visualises the Schools in Delhi, categorised into 5 levels based on different metrics.
Constitution readability
This visual is a result of a readability study of 189 constitutions of the world using the Flesch Reading Ease test.
Religious Groups
Restaurant Product Sales
This restaurant product sales dashboard shows how each product is performing, which are the drivers of growth, and where there is potential for cross-sell.
Restaurant Sales Trends
This sales dashboard helps a restaurant compare its outlets - examining trends in sales, seasonality, as well as drivers of growth across the outlets
Retail performance
What impacts the sale of products? How does this vary by region? ... and more.
Rain & crops
How does agriculture in irrigated areas differ from rainfed areas?
Save the Girl Child
Explore incidents of child rape in India, based on data from the National Crime Records Bureau
Swachh Bharath Mission
Swachh Bharath Grameen survey data for QCI
School Meeting Minutes
Text analysis of the minutes from school meetings for Karnataka schools (via Akshara KLP)
SECC Census Explorer
Understanding India's Economic Diversity through the lens of SECC Data
Sex Survey
India's sexual preferences, captured by India Today
PM Speechopedia
A visual gallery of the 1,198 speeches by Dr Manmohan Singh
Suicides In India
Visual Analysis of suicides in India between 2001 and 2012
Insights from surveys
A variety of ways of visualizing the results from survey data.
Swachh Survekshan
A dashboard to explore Cleanliness index of Cities, surveyed as a part of the Swachh Bharat Mission. This is deployed at [](
What kinds of ticketing problems are reported at IT support operations?
Popular colours
What colours are used in the print edition of the Times of India?
Budget vs Actuals
This interactive drilldown application provided the Indian Ministry of Finance the ability to compare actual spend against budgets down to the account level.
Twitter Trends
Twitter Udaan
Digital marketing
How did Heineken's social media marketing compare with Budweiser's during the US Open 2013?
Visualizing politics
See Vijay Karnataka's data-visual coverage of the 2013 Karnataka elections with Gramener
World Cup 2015
Live coverage of the World Cup 2015 Cricket matches with Khaleej Times - featuring innovative visual scorecards, poetry in match reports, and a variety of infographics specials
WorldCup Scorecards
Re-imagined cricket scorecards for every match in the cricket World Cup of 2015 - allowing you to interact visually with every ball bowled
When to invest?
When investing in stocks timing makes a huge difference. We created this visualization to show the returns people make when investing and divesting a stock at different times, and how and when this beats inflation.
Gramener Windows 8 App
A showcase of the content for Gramener's native Windows 8 mobile application
World Cup Memories
World Cup Memories - relive the agony and the ecstasy of the cricket world cups with these match video clips
The World Cup Story
A poster view of every World Cup Match from 1975 to 2015
How effective / efficient is the public spending on toilet construction?
Best B-Schools
Business Today's survey of the best business schools in India, visualized by Gramener
BT 500
Performance of the Business Today 500 companies in 2013
Best Cities
View India's best cities and re-rank them based on your preferences for safety, economy, entertainment, etc.
An innovative mobile-first delivery of news for India Today, with a focus on visual data journalism.
100 years of weather
What patterns does India's temperature profile over a century reveal?
World Cup Hundreds
Who scored the centuries in the cricket world cup? A walk through of every century across World Cups, and who scored them
Data Gossip
A data blog - about something, anything, and everything. Enter at your own risk. You have been warned
Singapore flat prices
We clustered all flats in Singapore based on their characteristics (size, floor, type, construction date) and leases. The flats cleanly cluster into 3 distinct chunks. Explore to understand how
The Elvis Presley Jukebox
We found the approximate tempo of several Elvis Presley numbers. On his 40th anniversary, we present an audio-visual tribute to Elivs, marked with some of our favorites that we thought you'd surely enjoy. Please be easy on the tempo :-)
3D Store Walkthrough
A simple prototype to show how a 3D walkthrough of a store or a warehouse can be rendered on the browser
Amitabh's Tweets
A history of tweets from Amitabh Bachchan, the most followed man on Twitter from India
Student Computer Usage
A visual analysis of how students at a university spent their time on computers - based on the output of an application-level monitoring software
Historical results of the Indian state assembly elections from independence till date
A Viz of Car Performances
Drug Discovery
Energy Loss
World Cultural Festival
Chernoff Faces
Representing multi-variate data on human faces
Anonymise data
An app to generate realistic looking data for anonymisation purposes
Explore the popularity and ratings of movies on the Internet Movie Database
India's spend
Interactive exploration of India's financials
Media Content Analysis
Explorations of 40 years worth of archives of the India Today magazine
Schools' performance
Are Government schools in Karnataka performing better or worse than private schools? A comparison of the average marks of every State Board school in Karnataka, government and private
Make In India
Make in India animated logo
The Las Vegas Showdown
Explore the showdown between Hillary Clinton & Donald Trump at the final Presidential debate of the 2016 Elections - annotated, with transcripts and fact-checking
Gramex Narratives
UI for Gramex templates
NGO Directory
How does the NGO landscape in India look like?
Pincode shape
PIN Code Shapes editor
Social Power
A one-stop monitoring solution for social media mentions by and of personalities, how their influence has trended, and what topics they speak on
Presidential Debates
The 2016 US Presidential Debates
Farewell Sachin
A tribute to Sachin Tendulkar, the Little Master of cricket on the day of his retirement from international cricket
Matching Cost Analysis
Marketing Mix Analysis
Buyers Performance Analysis
Team Indus 3D cube
TeamIndus 3D cube
Real-time tweets
See a real-time blizzard of Twitter messages at conferences.
Unemployment in the US
How have the states in the US fared in the last 7 years on unemployment? Explore this animated infographic
World Culture Festival
What are people saying about #WorldCultureFestival? A real-time twitter stream of the conversation around the World Cultural Festival in 2016
Budget history
Review the Indian budget's revenue and expenditure across a decade
Alumni Club Elections
Alumni Club Elections
Screen Capture
Screen capture app using Phantomjs
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